Thursday, February 07, 2013

Props to John Donahoe and Marissa Mayer!

It looks like my last post on the blog was in July of 2011 and today it is Feb. 6, 2013 --  My how time flies when your having fun. While I've been away much has happened in the world of ecommerce and I wanted to take a quick minute to highlight two big changes.

eBay is on a roll and it looks like Yahoo is as well. Congrats to John Donahoe and Marissa Mayer on what looks to be two significant turnarounds.

In the past, I was a frequent critic of the changes that eBay was making and it turns out that over time they have for the most part been positive. I like the fact that they acquire companies and don't always have to assimilate them into the Borg (eBay Marketplace) GSI, Milo and Magento are just a few of the acquisitions that seem to be thriving in the eBay family but who maintain their separate identities. It worked for Paypal and Stubhub why not for the others.

Sure, smaller sellers are still not thrilled with the changes but with GMV growth greater than ecommerce the increase in sales should help lessen the pain.

John Donahoe and team has done a pretty good job turning this ship around. Just look at the price of their stock.

While I still have no clue what Yahoo's "ecommerce" plans are, Marissa Mayer does look like she has stabilized this Internet "Icon". There finally seems to be a vision and a direction for the company that was missing for so many years. I'm looking forward to watching the company again and seeing if the turnaround will continue to gain momentum or fade. (full disclosure I do own shares in Yahoo)

I would like to see a definitive plan for Yahoo Stores and their Small Business unit and hope that they can be more than just a display ad business.

This feels good to be blogging again after so long. I may just decide to make this a habit once again.

Just my 15%


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