Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Marketplace Option for Small Online Sellers

After reading that title, who would have guessed that option would be Well, today I am happy to announce that has opened its marketplace to online sellers large and small.

We've relaxed the requirements for registration to allow online business sellers who have a retail website and/or other marketplace sales history from eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Etsy and others to begin selling in the Marketplace.

We've also launched a new category called Everything Else where sellers can sell their automotive parts and accessories, art, collectibles, antiques, business and industrial, hand-made items, stamps, memorabilia, vintage, arts and crafts, food and gourmet and a whole lot more, in fact we now have more selling categories than any other marketplace.

We are off to a great start, signing up 100s of new sellers before the paint was even dry on the new categories. We now have over 140,000 listings in our Everything Else store and 15 million listings in our marketplace.

While we require UPC codes in most of our categories, we understand that many items in these new Everything Else categories just won't have a UPC, so we've removed that requirement. You can add your items to the Marketplace through a simple template and begin selling right away.

You only pay a commission when you sell an item and there are no listing fees or monthly subscriptions. We submit your items to our marketing partners, so you get additional exposure and we handle fraud review, 1st tier customer service and payment transactions; no need to sign-up for yet another payment.

If you are looking for incremental sales for your online business, make sure to sign-up and begin selling on

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