Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Corporate Blogger - An Interview with eBay Blogger RBH

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

That was interesting. Nice to see Richard and hear his voice. Puts life into him instead of just a static picture and a post now and then. That aside, the blog itself is pretty ineffective. Most posters come in and ask really hard questions or give really truthful opinions on what Ebay is doing to them - then give up when they find their questions are never answered and their plight is never acknowledged. Guest Ebay management will come in...answer a couple of unobtrusive questions and then fade away. Some days there are NO new posts and those days are becoming more and more frequent lately. I can tell you from experience you can state something true about Ebay that management doesn't want to hear and you are completely washed out of their system and no longer able to post there. What you post doesn't have to be inflammatory - it just has to strike a nerve and're gone! So, its nice for Ebay to say we have a blog where you can ask questions and air your opinions....but it is just talk and not much else.

Richard does an amazing job for what it is - I would not want to walk his tightrope. Every "regular" on the blog respects Richard and the work he is trying to do.

subscribemonkey fan said...

i love your blog dont stop blogging

Daily Deals Sydney said...

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