Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Told you Buy Back Was the Future

Many of you know I used to buy back DVDs and CDs directly from consumers and then re-sell them on Amazon, using FBA -- I still love the concept. 

I guess it was just a matter of time before Amazon copied me :) It looks like they just recently launched their new trade-in store for DVD Box Sets and Blu-ray Discs. I'm hearing rumors that they are buying back around 1,000 units a day right now without any announcements. Imagine if they actually did it the right way.

Earlier in the year they launched the Buy Back/Trade-in concept with Video Games and apparently it was a success, so expect the program to expand to Text Books soon and then from there consumer electronics and much more.

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

Nice to see you writing again Randy. I missed your blog and came by every morning just to see if you wrote something.

Amazon does everything with forethought - I doubt they never bounce in (and out) of things without a great deal of thinking and planning. I have no doubt their buy back program will be a success. Most of the things I buy on Amazon are used.

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Pat,

Just a little hit-n-run post. Amazon will get this figured out. Right now the way they have it designed isn't ideal for getting a lot of product.

ebuyerfb said...

That was pretty much my original business on eBay/ during my college years. Just on a much smaller scale.

Tula said...

Pretty good timing for Amazon to try this now, what with the poor economy having people looking for ways to scrape up a few extra dollars or cut costs on new purchases. Plus, there's also the whole "green" aspect of recycling these items.

nadine said...

might as well sell the dvds with a trade-in value stamped on them to streamline the process.

Anonymous said...

Most of the "used" items available on Amazon currently are from 3P sellers: third party sellers.

With Amazon now getting into the act, I wonder to what scale this will damage their businesses? Plus, the Amazon catalog has become a mess with the mass exodus from ex-ebay and other sellers trashing the site with unnecessary multiple listings of the exact same thing item, in an attempt to stand out in the crowd!

This could possibly be, in part, a way for Amazon to take back control of their own site's business model!

Certainly there are benefits to be reaped, but the catalog is increasingly messy, disorganized, and saturated in this manner!

Amazon has always been a site that likes order and that has a little been deteriorating. As an Amazon 3P seller I look for them to seek ways to restore that order.

Et tu, Brute! said...

The above "Anonymous" was from Et tu, Brute! but somehow the i.d. did not publish.

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