Friday, April 24, 2009

Scot Wingo's White Paper on eBay Changes

Scot, has taken an in-depth look at eBay's Spring changes and put his thoughts together in a White Paper that you can get here for free.

If you still sell on eBay, this is important information for your business.

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

I immediately went to that link but before I downloaded the file I completely lost my taste for whatever Ebay is doing for Spring changes. The only real change I want to see is the back of John Donahoe as he exits the company he's currently destroying. What use is Scot's white paper to those of us who cannot sell on that venue anymore? I think more and more of us simply don't care anymore.

Anonymous said...

What she said.

Tony P. said...

What they both said.

Randy Smythe said...

We are all so cynical. :)

Tom said...

I'm really puzzled that it seems that everyone hates eBay and everything they do is wrong....

Some of the changes are good. Smart FAQ's, New product page is not so bad - love the bigger pictures. Nice fresh look.

eBay has to grow and we have to (?) grow with it. They are going after the 500B's only bigger companies can bring. What would you do as CEO of eBay? Focus on "garage sale" quality and quantity items or try to expand.

Sorry Ms. Pat and previous writers - don't agree with you. Lets try to be more positive.

Now on a different note - 80F tomorrow in Toronto! I'm happy!

ms.pat said...

Tom - sorry - don't agree with you either. You don't grow by hiding some sellers and pushing others forward. You don't grow by frustrating buyers because they cannot find what they want and they hate your new best match but you refuse to change it. You also don't grow by harrassing sellers ALL sellers under the phony excuse of weeding out the bad sellers. You don't grow when buyers can no longer find their favorite sellers nor can they find the unique, rare and vintage items they come to buy. Anybody can go to Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, even Amazon and get the same junk Ebay wants to offer in mass quantities...being "different" and "unique" is what made Ebay...becoming mediochre is what's taking them DOWN!

Randy I don't think we're cynical - we see the writing on the wall. This madness will have to dive bomb to conclusion if it is ever to turn around and come to its senses. Donahoe has to go!

Renagade said...

Whether you love it or hate it,,,whether you can use the info or not, I still say thanks to Scott for it and to Randy for making sure more people are aware of it!

Anonymous said...

Required download field: "Company".

I am not a company.

This right here, this mentality, is the whole post-2007 problem in a nutshell.

The next ebay had better BAN companies if it wants to stay pure.

Randy Smythe said...


I had a company on eBay as did/do 100's of my readers. Banning companies is not the answer. Small business is what built eBay.

I you sell on eBay more than occasionally you are a sole proprietor which is still a company of one. Or did you mean corporation?

Even if eBay split up into a Classic version and a "New" version there would still be companies on both sites.

Anonymous said...

Scot's paper is a big help to those of us who CHOOSE to sell on ebay, 2009. It's a choice.

RE: daily complainers with no substantial ideas to add to anything: I can't understand why people who have "seen the writing on the wall" still complain about ebay in the blogs, day in, day out. Year after year. I just don't get it.

What kind of hobby is that? Why not go volunteer at some nonprofit that is doing positive things to make the world a better place?

The day I choose to stop selling on ebay is also the day I choose to stop reading ebay blogs.

It's like complaining about an old spouse, long after the divorce.....ya gotta give up and move on! Spring is coming, don't waste it!

permacrisis said...

It's more like... we are waiting to see who has the balls to step forward and take our money to run a REAL online auction again. You know... With a REAl search and actual userid transparency.

I'm just boggled no one wants the listing and final value fees us JunkSellers are 'habitually' known to pay. Pretend we're just a tiny slice and it's only 3 billion bucks. That's 3 BILLION. How many sites would be happy with 3 billion PENNIES.

So who wants my money? Will it be ebay? Or somebody else? Will Bartz throw the switch? Will Sergey roll the dice? Or is it some guy who even now toils in a Seattle basement?

C'mon guys these crumpled bills are getting all sweaty. The auction addicts are there, both the buyers and the sellers. We're just waiting for the 'dealer' to roll on up with the goods. And we'll know if you've cut it with oregano, as ebay has.

By "whining", what we are doing is HINTING. We are ready to SPEND. We been waiting two years.

Randy you nailed it, "greatest self-empowerment story ever". Just waiting for the rewrite-not sure if it's for the next chapter, or the next author!

Anonymous said...

Tom is an eBay mule, er 'jackass'.

bargainland - 10 yr seller on eBay (now using the River and else. Yeah the eBay changes were good for me - they forced us to consider alternatives, which are turning out to be about 7% - 15% more profitable - Yeaah.

Anonymous said...

What a joke ebay is turning into. Trust me I know. I deal with people all day long that tell me about it. Some are new and they are trying ebay for the first time. Too bad for them, they never experienced the site as it was designed to perform. This trumped up version of selling online is just an effort for certain people to justify their existence/job. ebay was a great tool to start a small business, now it seems it has moved to compete with the likes of Amazon (good luck) and other large internet retailers.

Forgive my rant but I have just had it. I have an older PC and with all the changes to the spalsh screen of items I no longer can veiw items in one scroll, I have to go side to side and I have my resolution set to 1024X768, go figure.

ebay you are not the EBay, you are something less and continue to change a good thing to a bad.

Good luck.