Monday, April 20, 2009

Market Watch Video - eBay and Yahoo Earnings

Just my 15%


Jerry Whitney said...

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Jerry Whitney.

nadine said...

So, Marketwatch would like to hear some "paranoia" out of eBay and wants them to fix their core marketplace business? Making your core business work, what a concept. Obviously Donahoe knows better -- didn't he tell us all that Paypal is new core on analyst day? While the Marketplace is relegated to the secondary marketplace?

But wait, what's this? a 15 cent listing sale on auctions for April 21?

"Seller Special-April 21
One day only
Applies to Auction-style listings
Spring clean and earn extra cash"

Spring clean?! You want stuff out of people's garages? Since when? Didn't Lorrie tell us all that eBay's merchandise was now going to come out of warehouses, not attics?

Can they please get their message straight? This company might have a lot more value if management didn't keep stomping the brand to death.

Et tu, Brute! said...

You could get whiplash from ebay managements feeble-minded changes!

2010 or.... said...

Nadine= brilliant

You said it all, perfectly!

ms.pat said...

If I were to paint a portrait of Donahoe it would be of a man racing madly thru the fields being pursued by men in white coats with butterfly nets. Its imperative for the sake of Ebay itself that they catch him!!!

Anonymous said...

You want to see paranoia from ebay? That's easy- just try contacting another member.

Mike said...

The analyst from Citi...

He begins sentences with "So..."

He's one of them!

2010 or.... said...

Very Off Topic -- but anyway....

Used the new DSR Report to check a few different date ranges.

Already knew that on average only 50% of our buyers even leave feedback.

Of the 50% that leave feedback, about 38% of those leave DSRs based on the date ranges we sampled.

Therefore my eBay discounts (and income) are based on the DSRs scores left by aprox 19% of all of my buyers.

It has been my contention all along that it is the uncertainty that eBay has placed in the marketplace - how much it costs to sell and list -- that is one of the key factors making mid size businesses run away from eBay. I would rather pay Amazon a chunk and at least know what I am getting than play all these games.

permacrisis said...

Results out tonite... can't WAIT

nadine said...

I would rather pay Amazon a chunk and at least know what I am getting than play all these games.eBay has simply exported into the Marketplace the same nonsense that has crippled the internal running of the company - reliance on metrics, metrics, metrics without the vision or sense or knowledge to design metrics that will produce meaningful data...thus the running of the company becomes an Orwellian exercise in pretending that the metrics aren't bogus. But they are. There are whole career tracks inside eBay that consist of delivering up metrics to make your boss look good to his boss.

eBay rev $2.02B, earnings 28 cents per share...revenue in line with expectations, earnings below expectations. GMV ex auto down 11% yoy. They are blaming it on the economy, an excuse that won't even last until Amazon reports tomorrow.

nadine said...

update: GMV ex auto down 11% yoy is for only. Worldwide GMV ex auto is down 16% (down 5% when FX neutral)

mr. patt said...

I went to This site looks like a 5 year old kid put it together. They have nothing on the site. Stick with Amazon and Ebay.

forever_n2 said...

Thanks for the nice comments about, my programmer is actually in his 30s, but I am sure he appreciates the nice comment of how he looks younger than his age.
He actually does a good job on keeping looking good and running smooth, and your right about efleaa not having a lot of items right now, but we are gaining items daily, we could be like a lot of other start up sites and throw a million items of junk and duplicate auctions on efleaa, but that is not the way we intend on running the site, we will let it grow organically with good bargains listed instead of millions of items of junk right off the start, after all ebay started with one item, a broken laser pointer.
So I guess we got to start some where, I think our first item listed was a broken guitar that sold for $10.