Wednesday, March 11, 2009

eBay/Amazon Smackdown CNBC (Video)

Just my 15%


Tallzag said...

Every time I see something like this it reminds me of Enron and the book "The Smartest Guys in the Room". If you think about it that has a lot of parallels, run by MBA types, new businesses that doesn't do so well (Skype), both companies that got away from what was their core business, a CEO change while this was happening, throwing analyst meetings just to pump the stock, etc, etc.

I don't think eBay is going to go under like Enron but the similarities are scary.

ms.pat said...

I just cannot get over the audacity of these people. To hear them speak you would think they are on the absolute right track and everything is skipping along like magic. Instead they just had a 4th quarter report that showed a 16 percent decline and are probably going to issue another declining quarter next month. It doesn't make sense...and what's with the doofusses in the room applauding this nonsense? If its a joke I sure didn't get the punch line.

nadine said...

If you notice, pat, all the Marketplace slides used 2005 as a baseline so they could show growth.

Not only does this management crew think eBay is absolutely on the right course, no corrections needed, but the words "brand" or "marketing" don't exist in their universe, did you notice that? They think they have a free hand to make eBay over into an Amazon clone and all the customers will keep coming for the great values.

The values aren't on eBay these days due to their high fees and eBay's brand is still auctions. The CNBC story began with the words, "eBay, the online auction giant". Yet they really believe they can makeover eBay on the sly without telling the customer their plans.

There is a chain of job lot & liquidation item stores near Boston 19. They run amusing cartoon ads and their motto is "Suffer a little, save a lot". This the future that eBay is actually heading towards, but my money is on the Building 19 shops, since their owners know what business they are in. eBay doesn't.

nadine said...

correction, meant to say "There is a chain of job lot & liquidation item stores near Boston called Building 19."

ms.pat said...

Nadine - I didn't watch the fact I turned it off when they went to lunch. Nothing new - they're just dancing around trying to convince everyone they are absolutely right. It really sounded like these guys were totally dillusional! If it weren't for Paypal - which does have a good future (though I wish it were regulated) these people would be out on their backsides...because then nothing could hide the bitter pill of that 4th quarter last year.

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