Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meg Hits the Talk Show Circuit

No comment here just posting a clip from Meg's trip to the Today Show and an interview with hard hitting interviewer Matt Lauer :)

Just my 15%


2010 or Bust said...

Sorry, but when she said that the financial CEOs had "broken trust" with the American people, I just had to add this --

John J. Donahoe
eBay Inc

Compensation for 2007
Salary $823,885.00
Bonus $681,865.00

Restricted stock awards $1,053,565.00

All other compensation $82,675.00

Option awards $

Non-equity incentive plan compensation $991,842.00

Total Compensation $8,252,276.00

- Source,

Randy Smythe said...

Yeah, and she probably needs to back off the 1.3 million sellers mantra or people will start looking into that.

All the political bloggers will be digging around for dirt, or stuff they can zing her with that 1.3 million number is in danger of being exposed.

ms.pat said...

I spared myself nausea by not watching this. I read a couple of articles on her interviews and that was bad enough. There just is no conscience in this woman! Not from either of her faces!

nadine said...

Meg Whitman strikes me as an unpolished speaker and plain as a turnip to boot. She bombed when she spoke at the Republican convention. Somehow I can't see her succeeding in image-conscious California. It will be an interesting test of whether her eBay rep is positive or negative.

2010 or Bust said...

Those Bain Capital folks must all drink the same Kool-Aid.


Hey Randy, are you going to have the new Kindle linked in your Amazon store? If so I will buy/click through you.

Randy Smythe said...


Its all about the competition. Meg will beat out the two current contenders on the Republican side and if it just Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsome for the Dems Meg will win.

Only the Bay area will vote for Newsom and Meg will put up a pretty good fight there and then there is Jerry Brown. He's old and we've seen his act before.

The only way to stop Meg is have Diane Feinstein run and then Meg loses.

Meg has the benefit of cash and a bad economy on her side. As long as the eBay story gets spun right.

Randy Smythe said...


As soon as I get the link I will add it. They aren't letting us have it during the pre-order period.

John said...

I think I spit my drink out my nose when she started off chastisingly saying "THEY lost the trust of the people"

Something she should REALLY be well versed at, LMAO

john (ColderICE)

Anonymous said...

She's a polished liar and will make a terrific politician. Hopefully, the competition will use all the stories about how Ebay planned to boot out the little sellers in favor of big retailers.

Joe the Seller said...

Whitman says that the current economic stimulus is misdirected, that it should be helping the middle-class more. She brags about growing the eBay seller base.

The eBay economy is in shambles and middle-class sellers who make a living selling on eBay need their own bailout. Many have already gone out of business and more will follow if something is not done.

eBay economic policy has been the opposite of Ms. Whitmans stated opinion for the last several years.

Instead of providing stimulus to the middle class seller, eBay has partnered with major outside corporations like giving them free listings and other subsidies at the expense of longtime small and medium sellers.

Ms Whitman also approved eBay CEO Jon Donahoe's current compensation package estimated to be worth over $8 million dollars per year.

Randy, you need to hit the talk show circuit yourself and set the record straight.

ms.pat said...

If the truth comes out about Ebay Meg won't be able to run for dogcatcher! The public at large has no idea...if they did they would outright laugh at this woman!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Joe. And hey, Meg..get a new 'do! We could watch a movie off that forehead of yours!

Anonymous said...

Ebay holds a secret meeting with only top sellers and expects us to honestly believe they value the little guy just as much. They don't. The smaller seller needs a new Ebay, one that truly values our uniqueness.