Thursday, February 05, 2009

Do “Big Wigs” Get Special Treatment from eBay? I asked Jonathan Garriss of PeSA

John at ColderICE interviews Jonathan Garriss, Executive Director of PeSA. Well worth the listen.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

Guess the question is does eBay define "Big Wigs" the same was that PESA does?

Or does eBay define PEAS members as "Big Wigs"? No.

The title almost implies that eBay NEVER gives special treatment - but we know they do. eBay probably uses a similar formula to "Best Match" when making the decision.

permacrisis said...

The question is moot.

Overall policy trumps the way any one seller is treated.

Whether or not there is a Jack Sheng or a on ebay, the small seller is universally presumed guilty of being a 'brickshipper', regardless if guilty or not.

Now, ebay employees like Lorrie Norrington... there's a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

(Interestingly, as I post this, the 'captcha' reads 'excensor'. Hmmm...)

Randy Smythe said...

To some degree, eBay has always treated the bigger sellers differently.

Up until my new company (Buy) got the eBay fee deal the special treatment was more about access to folks who could help the biz.

If you will notice though the Diamond program has not really over taken the site. I think most of these guys realize there are issues on the platform.

ms.pat said...

As a small seller - just the difference between me and a low level powerseller is amazing! I'll never forget Ebay preferring a 12 month powerseller to my 10 year spotless record...calling the powerseller "trustworthy"! No small seller will ever forget that. No way can I believe we're all treated the same - especially when it takes 7 days before a buyer can give a powerseller a negative (I guess since he's "trustworthy") when they can lay a negative on me five minutes after they buy! Is it any wonder small sellers are patiently waiting to see Ebay go down...nothing less will do!

nadine said...

eBay seems to have gone from the egalitarianism of early days to the outright favoritism of picking Diamond Sellers without having acquired any business sense along the way. Most businesses treat 'big wigs' better because big wigs bring them a lot of income, duh. eBay counts on the platform being so profitable that they can behave as carelessly as they like to their customers. Obviously, the platform isn't that profitable any more, but eBay won't internalize the message until many, many more 'big wigs' have reduced eBay to 10% of their business like Jonathan Garriss has.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Garriss showed no love for Ebay in that interview. Ebay has shot off bot their feet and legs and still working upward. There must be a reason they're sabotaging their company. Could it really just be simple incompetence????

Anonymous said...

The answer is obviously yes, but as Randy has continually pointed out, eBay is fast losing it's hold on ecommerce. Three years ago, sellers fought to sell on eBay and were proud of it. Nowadays if eBay gives you the finger, you go elsewhere and laugh as eBay reports weaker numbers.

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