Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow, That is Hard Work!

Shill Alert - Warning I am going to promote Buy.com.  (I know that is shameless)

I had a great first day working at Buy.com. Got to meet some great people (no, they didn't have three heads) and see what the company had on tap for the marketplace. It is clear they are committed to growing the Buy.com marketplace business. 

Buy.com has over 4 million unique visitors a month and a very active merchandising program that includes marketplace merchants. Some very exciting things in the works.

We will see how day two goes, but I like what I'm seeing so far. The sky is the limit. Of course you know I wouldn't tell you if I hated it :)

If you get a chance checkout the marketplace merchant info.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

Griff, Will check out the info in the morning.

Randy Smythe said...

Very funny!

Anonymous said...

I’ve removed you from by Blog feed as I’ve absolutely no interest in reading PR about the garbage that buy.com sells or in fact does, ebay feedback speaks volumes about this company ->

Bad move

Randy Smythe said...

Sorry to hear that. I won't always be talking about Buy.com

Anonymous said...

Go Bonanzle, er, I mean, uh, go everybody!

permacrisis said...

Don't go all RBH on us Randy, walk us thru it. Did they give you an office or just a cube in the warehouse? Do you bill 'em by the hour or is it salaried? How long is the honeymoon period.

Okay- now that's outta the way- how are buy's 3P different than Ama's-- scale, catalog width/depth, what are the barriers to entry, we all know how Ama is in that dept.

What are buys policies toward the micro-enterpreneur who invents a brand-new product and wants to debut it on Buy. How would they vet somebody like that?

Do you think they brought you on to bulk up pre-owned media- now theres a skys-the-limit space what with the current recession.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the animosity towards Buy.com. Ebay sellers are mad at eBay for giving preferential treatment to Buy (diamond sellers) over them. Its not Buy's fault, its ebay.

It still amazes my how eBay cultivates so much ill will; between sellers and buyers, buyers and buyers, small seller and powersellers, powersellers and diamond sellers. And everyone against eBay.

Of course you will write about Buy too. Why are so many people threatened by your new position?

Glad you had a great first day!

Randy Smythe said...


LOL, They pay me by the sku.

It is a full-time salaried consulting gig and I work from home, just go into the office when needed and for meetings. Perfect gig for me.

As for Buy's 3P merchants, they are much like Amazon's. 19 categories currently more opening this year. Need a UPC or Mfg. Part number.

They are doing their best to not create the listings mess that we see on Amazon.

The nice thing about Buy for merchants is they can earn the buy box more often than on Amazon and can participate in Buys's merchandising efforts like Deals page and weekly eMail blasts, etc.

Also, the new categories being launched are all marketplace and Buy will not source or sell their own items in those categories.

The type of product that will sell on Bonanzle is not the type of product that Buy is looking for. Consider Bonanzle a version of Classic eBay and Buy.com as more what the New eBay should have been.

I will be adding my 15% internally about making the process as simple and inclusive as possible and based on my first day they are receptive to the ideas.

Anonymous said...

Please spare us the advertising Uncle Randy! Buy.com is evil.

2010 or Bust said...

While I can understand why some here would be so upset re your new job (I suppose if I sold what Buy sells on eBay I might have more of a problem), on a personal level, I wish you the very best. Your blog has always been an open forum with unique insights and I will still make it part of my daily read.

Randy Smythe said...

I'm working on taking my Buy.com related posts to a specific Buy Merchant Blog so I can be free to rant here.

I'm sure I will still ruffle feathers as I continue to discuss ecommerce and I will occasionally mention Buy on MyBlogUtopia.

Brent said...

Oh God, please tell me you are not posting about Buy.com already. Shameless.

Randy Smythe said...

Brent, what is shameless about posting about Buy.com.

I posted about my own website and nobody cared. I posted about the Selling on the River book and nobody cared.

I'll post about Buy.com when there is something I think will interest the majority of my readers. Or when I want to get comments like yours for entertainment. This, after all, is My BlogUtopia.

Janez said...


Hang in there. I can't believe the ill will towards Buy and you. I'm excited that you have a chance to influence a company that I sell on. Your business sense and ideas are similar to mine. I compete against Buy on Ebay and have no problem with it. I also go head to head at times with Amazon on Amazon. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. It's a doggie dog world out there and I'm wearing milk bone underwear.

Take Care,

ms.pat said...

I don't see Buy.com as evil. They're just another company doing its best to succeed and walking on Ebay to do it ;-) I want Randy to help make them such a success that they will be competition for Amazon and will help Amazon eat Ebay's lunch for them....see, there is a method to my madness ;-) I believe with Buy.com as even more competition - it will fly in the face of Donahoe and his brilliant idea of diamond sellers and it will help Ebay collapse sooner. For me that's the end game and one I look forward to seeing.

Anonymous said...

Buy.com is paying you. You are an employee.

Amazon, Bonanzle, Etsys, and anybody else you spoke positive about wasn't paying you. So, there is the distinction you have to deal with.

And Buy is ebay's most important seller, most special, most catered to, of all its sellers.

There was no "diamond seller" before the backroom deal ebay did with Buy. You broke the story, you reaped the attention, and less than a year later, you are on their payroll?

Conficts of interest? None at all, if you continue to slam ebay to the wall as you have done for 3 years straight. But, you better leave commentary about Buy.com out of the blog, as long as they give you a paycheck for ANY kind of services.

It is a good time to have a job at all, so I wish you the best. But don't try to pretend things are the way they've always been. Hell, you never even mentioned Buy.com in your blog until the secret deal was broke. Lots of ebay, Amazon, and the like, never a single mention about Buy.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, you make some good points, but jeez I've had the job for a whole 3 days now and I'm having fun with it.

What is the problem if I mention Buy.com on the blog. You know I work there so you can make the individual choice to disregard it if you choose.

I'll continue to write about eBay, Amazon, Bonanzle, Etsy when there is some angle that interests me.

If you see a post about Buy.com and you feel I can't be telling the truth because I work there than just disregard that post.

It is not an all or nothing situation. An opportunity came up for me to work with Buy on their marketplace biz. I hope to have an impact on that business from the perspective of the seller. I'm not going to win all my battles but that is my job to advocate for the seller internally.

Just read my stuff and make your own assessment, based on what I write not that I work for Buy.

Joyful Alternative said...

I bookmarked it. Someday looking at it thoroughly will make its way to the top of my priorities.

joseph001 said...

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