Monday, January 26, 2009

Where One Door Closes, Others Open!

We've all been reading the news of layoffs, business closings, etc. and the "bad news" will most likely continue through the rest of Q1, especially in the retail environment. This can be a devastating time for many laid-off workers, but there is a silver lining. 

My guess is that many of these laid-off workers will look into starting their own businesses and dare I say start selling online. The folks being laid-off are not just minimum wage earners, some I'm sure have many years of experience and strong network connections that can help get them started running their own business.  

Jobs are going to be hard to come by, so unless these unemployed workers are going to sit at home waiting for a check from the government many of them are going to have to make a living.

I would envision a renaissance in the small business world and certainly an increase in those selling online. Not everyone is cutout to be an entrepreneur, but there will be thousands of new businesses rising from the ashes of these recent layoffs.

If I can make a political comment for just a second. Mr President, make sure to address small business in your stimulus package. Get this nation running again by encouraging Americans to innovate and achieve through small business.

Just my 15%

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Cutting Edge Streetwear Blog said...

I agree. Lots of businesses closed in this area recently. During the past week I was pleased to see several new ones getting ready to open. The world needs Small Business.