Sunday, January 11, 2009 Amazon FBA - Replay

It was my pleasure to spend some time with Lisa Suttora of last week; discussing Amazon's FBA program. She just posted a link to the replay and I'm excited to make it available for My Blog Utopia readers.

You can download the interview or listen online whichever you prefer.

Let me know what you think.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

I don't see any links to hear the interview besides one requiring me to provide my email ad dress to Lisa's site. I don't need any more spam. NO THANKS!!!

Did I miss something?

Randy Smythe said...


Actually you do need the provide your email address to get to the download page. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


I'm confused. You said you buy mostly used media and then send them to FBA to sell, but don't you have to go through each and every item to check for damage and play-ability? It seems time consuming.

Randy Smythe said...


Can't give away all the secrets. :)

The process will get much more efficient once I get my software finished but for now it is a little time consuming but I'm only processing a small number of items each week, very manageable.

The process works like this: Receive, inspect, clean, replace case (if needed), repair disc (if needed), add to Amazon FBA shipment, ship to Reno.

When I do all the accounting I earn about $50 - $80 per hour for the time I actually work.

Bob said...


Very cool! Now that you have been at it for awhile now, do you think your buyback site will ever become a full-time thing? I get the impression that for most buyback sellers online, it's been a nice sideline revenue stream, but has it's limits (but that is certainly not a bad thing, often less is more).

Randy Smythe said...


Buyback can get you to a full-time biz but it can't be the only thing you do.

You need to source product from other areas as well.

Mike P said...

Just curious - if you have 2 identical items (ie 2 new copies of the same movie) - how do you send both items to Amazon and have them both listed using FBA? Will they only post one item at a time or will both items be listed even if they are the same price or with in 1 penny of each other? Thanks for you help - Mike

Randy Smythe said...

Mike P,

If they are the same condition (new, used,etc.) then they will show-up as one listing and when that is sold the second and third, etc. will be added.

איביי said...

great interview