Friday, January 02, 2009

Webinar - The Amazon WebStore

Amazon is holding a webinar on their WebStore offering on January 14th at 10:00 AM PST it will run about 45 minutes with time for questions. Sign-up today.

Introduction to WebStore by Amazon.
WebStore by Amazon provides you with a branded e-commerce site backed by the support, selection, and expertise of Amazon. WebStore is easy to set up and comes with a number of great marketing features so you can start selling in minutes! Learn more about owning your own WebStore.

Just my 15%


Bob said...

Randy do you have a webstore and what is your take?

Randy Smythe said...


I have a webstore at It was real easy to setup but you don't have many options for look and feel.

You have to drive traffic to it just like any other website. I like that I can add Amazon product with my product in one checkout. I get affiliate commission on the Amazon product.

permacrisis said...

Randy, totally unrelated- ever since this blog upgraded its Look &Feel, I've noticed a lot of different machines crash IE when exiting the site, whether the destination is the main page or elsewhere on the Web.

And I mean a lot of machines. Have any other readers had this happen I wonder?

I've gotten into the habit of visiting here last, so I don't hose my box. Anybody else?

Randy Smythe said...


I've had a couple of readers say that but I've checked it with Chrome, IE and Firefox and not had a problem.

I'll dig around and see if I can find some code that may be causing it.

Thanks for the heads-up.

ms.pat said...

Its happened several times to me too Randy. Mostly with IE 7.0 - not so much with Firefox

Anonymous said...

Permacrisis ... Had lots of crashes with IE on 3 different computers. Started reading blogs with Chrome. It's not just this blog but others as well.

2010 or Bust! said...

We are very interested on doing the Webstore on Amazon that also puts our products on Amazon (the 99.00 monthly version). Our issue is that several of our products (new, house-brands) do not currently have UPC codes.

If anyone has any insight as to how this may (or may not) work with getting our products on Amazon through WebStore, that would be really helpful info.

BTW, have completely gotten off IE and could not be happier! Also running Thunderbird for POP mail and Open Office and everything hums.