Friday, January 09, 2009

Skype Discussion on Tech Ticker

I usually don't write about Skype -- it doesn't really interest me -- but this video clip was interesting from an investor standpoint. The second half of the clip is not Skype/eBay related. Source Tech Ticker

Just my 15%


permacrisis said...

Recently I did a reverse phone search to determine the true store name of an ebay seller. I felt it was prudent to use ebay in the same way that they had used me. I found the seller and we transacted. (Consider this my positive.)

As I did this, it dawned on me why ebay was so hot to trot for Skype- they wanted to keep people from getting one anothers' real phone number.

The revelations about snooping don't surprise me- ebay had probably planned, at some point, to have calls automatically cut off if a party began reciting contact info.

Now, I know what you probably think. But you're wrong.

The hat makes a great sandwich wrapper, as well.

Anonymous said...

What did eBay recently value Skype at? $1.2 billion? And they paid $2.6? For a company that has always, and very obviously, made no more sense to eBay's business model than going into the amusement park business, or waste management, or building rocket ships to the moon?

I used to run a business that way. I don't anymore, guess why?

This isn't news, but it still stuns the mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you should interview Brian Perry while you are in Vegas. It would be interesting to hear what he thinks about ebay viability now, post-xmas. Lots of us wondering if selling new media product on ebay can generate actual net profits (NOT just cash flow)....