Monday, January 05, 2009

Meg Whitman Steps Down from eBay's Board

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Meg Whitman stepped down from the boards of Procter & Gamble Co., eBay Inc. and Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc. effective Dec. 31"

Right now the speculation is that she is preparing a run for Governator (sorry, Governor) of California.

Here is a breakdown of the race still 2 years off.

I'll keep my 15% to myself on this subject.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the DSRs the voters will leave for her!

2010 or Bust! said...

Please excuse the old joke: Meg Whitman wants to do California what she did to eBay?

But seriously folks....don't you just love the hubris? This is the same concept of Ivy League MBA business consultants taking over the best site ecommerce site on the internet and driving it off the cliff.

This, I can not wait to see. Perhaps Mitt and the Bain boys are looking to blow a little more cash of exploited businesses on one last attempt at glory?

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would want to leave California. I can put up with the high cost of living, the earthquakes, the fires and the traffic but Meg as governor is just too much. I can't imagine how bad she would screw up CA.

ms.pat said...

Be brave Randy - tell us what you really think. Here are my blatantly honest thoughts on it:

Meg Whitman conveniently forgets a couple of things:

1) She groomed John Donahoe to take over Ebay for her. Donahoe went on to destroy Ebay and put thousands of small sellers out of business. Sellers he called "flea market" and just "noise"! His statement:

"Meg's vision and leadership and her passion for the eBay community have helped create economic opportunity for millions of people worldwide " Is a bald-faced lie!

The Ebay "community" they speak of is in their minds only! They've done nothing but milk sellers like a ready herd of cattle!

2) Meg, there are an awful lot of those out of business small sellers in California and they have good memories and they have blood in their eyes for what Whitman/Donahoe did to them and for what ebay has become! So...come on Meg - spend some of those billions you took off the backs of sellers and waste it on a silly bid for an office you don't deserve!

You can delete it if its too harsh Randy but I think people ought to tell this crew what we really think of them (and I was being mild at that)

Mike said...

Payback, with all due respect Ms. Whitman, is a bitch.

David said...

I was really against the changes that eBay made in March. I hated the "Best Match" algorithm but ever since they changed it in September to include "Recent Sales" they've finally redeemed themselves.

I was searching for a coffee maker for a christmas gift the other day. I really liked having the best selling FP listings show up at the top.

I never thought I'd say this as I was very anti-eBay this past summer, but I like the changes that have been implemented.

Anonymous said...

Ebay is guilty of more than stupidity and poor business decisions.

If you suspect them of manipulating dsr ratings to benefit their bottom line, please sign the petition.

A system full of admitted "glitches", at best, should not be a basis of fee structure. Help me to get enough support for this one and it is going to the US Attorney General and the FTC...they have the power to investigate.