Thursday, January 29, 2009

Infopia Ecommerce Leaders Summit - March 3-5, 2009

It’s Time to Maximize Your Competitive Advantage

eCommerce Leaders Summit is the most comprehensive gathering of eCommerce leaders in 2009 for SMB online merchants! Why should you attend? A strategic plan is not enough. Learn from business leaders and other successful online merchants how to make eCommerce success a reality. 

What are some other benefits you’ll get from this year’s eCommerce Leaders Summit?
  • Make quality decisions based on “no nonsense” metrics and tactical plans
  • Implement eCommerce efficient operational workflows
  • Be ahead of the curve when it comes to achieving business scale
  • Successfully overcome customer satisfaction issues that accompany exponential growth
  • Accelerate growth in tough economic times
  • Learn how to optimize growth and profit across website and marketplaces, drive high quality traffic to your website and convert visitors to purchasers. Now is the time to invest in success.
Keynote Speaker - Mr. Guy Kawasaki

Mr. Kawasaki delivers a blueprint for competing with other online organizations for customer attention, dollars and loyalty. He draws upon dozens of examples to share how to ethically and effectively defeat the competition.

Arguably the best entrepreneur of our day, Forbes columnist, Apple evangelist, author of 8 books, including best-seller “Art of the Start,”  venture capitalist and highly acclaimed speaker, Guy explains that the difference between mediocre and great is usually only a few adjustments away.

Ecommerce Leaders Summit, is being held in Salt Lake City, UT from March 3 - 5 and there are only 2 days left to get the early-bird discount and save $150. For more information or to register please visit the conference website.

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