Monday, January 26, 2009

eBid Expands Marketing Efforts in the US, the largest auction alternative to eBay announced yesterday that they will be expanding their marketing efforts in the US. According to the press release: 

"To support its 2009 growth ambitions will re-invest its 2008 profits into US marketing initiatives to include key strategic partnerships and national advertising. Additionally, to make its site slicker, quicker and easier to use, eBid is investing in technical and design improvements. These include its ‘Ninja Lister’ desktop software application to enable offline auction creation and ease the transfer of auctions from other sites; its first public API to support third party applications and widgets; sales tax calculations for US and Canada; the creation of a Who’s Online System to bolster an already huge and vibrant online community and the introduction of non-English versions of the site."

eBid Co-founder Mark Wilkinson added "In this tough economy, we want to ensure that sellers make great profits on our site and buyers, who are increasingly looking for second hand or discount items, get the best deals around.  To help our community during these tough times, part of our investment will include regular and ongoing cash back promotions for both buyers and sellers as thanks for helping us take a large chunk of the online auction market.” 

eBid is entering its 10th year and continue to grow, likely taking some auction business away from eBay because of the high fees on the eBay site. With this commitment to expanding their marketing efforts to the US, the company is taking a much more aggressive path than in the past.

It will be interesting to watch as the year progresses.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

Looks like Ebay's in for another tough year. But, I see no indication that they're trying to woo back the small sellers.

permacrisis said...

Ebid will accomplish NOTHING in the US without a dotcom domain name. At present one must type "us dot ebid dot net" into their browser.

The uninitiated would not do that. It sounds too much like a phishing site Randy, I've said it before.

Why does every ebay competitor CHEAP OUT just as their hour of victory is at hand??? Where is the total commitment? Why has no commercial entity, (other than this very blog, tapped into the anger and hatred harbored by the ebay bereft?

Ebid could have had ebay for lunch, had they taken care of this issue earlier on.

Until they pay FL cybersquatter Rick Schwartz his asking price for Ebid dot com, that's not gonna happen.

They are just going to have to do it. Believe me, I'm no fan of the breed. It's not right and it's not fair but it is necessary. That's how the mindshare game works.

By the time ebid do get off their duff and do it, ioffer and overstock will have grabbed all the stragglers.

Unbelievable. Just unbe-friggin-lievable.

Randy Smythe said...


I'll pass that along to Mark. Their traffic in the US is certainly hurting because of that.

Anonymous said...

It don't have to be 24/7 anger. Why can't it be something funny like this:

Now thhat is nice, it made me want to check out the site run by 100% vets for Vets.

Not everyone is mad at ebay

it made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I have sold off and on eBay since it began always trying to give them another chance but now I have had it.

You can no longer offer your buyers payment options, you have to use PayPal or your own CC system. You can't even tell a buyer in the listing they can send a money order if they want to. If you do eBay cancels your ad, keep the fees and suspends you.

They also have gone from siding with the seller to siding with the buyer. Unless you let PayPal have your bank account information they won't release your funds in some cases for 21 days, long after the buyer has the product. They will only release the money if you use their USPS mailing system so they can verify that you sent the item and it was delivered or until the buyer leaves positive feedback. Most buyers could care less about feedback even if they know you arn't getting your money for 21 days.

What happened to Freedom of Choice,
fair trade,etc.

Randy Smythe said...


This is the new eBay. The large marketplaces have some of the same restrictions but others give the buyer more choices like and others.