Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did Your DSRs Take a Hit this Christmas?

When I was selling at Glacier Bay DVD, we always dreaded the after Christmas deluge of negative feedback -- we didn't have DSRs at the time. The holidays are a tough time for customer service, as you run out of inventory quickly and there are delays in shipping as well as in transit.

With DSRs being a major part of an eBay sellers exposure in search, it is even more crucial now to not get overwhelmed.

So how did you do? I would imagine Shipping Time DSRs took the biggest hit. 

On Amazon, the feedback rating is just one element of your total performance rating and has nothing to do with where you show-up in search. Since I used Amazon's FBA I was able to maintain a 98% Feedback and a .21% Order Defect Rate. 

A 98% FB rating on Amazon is like a 99.5% on eBay because Amazon customers only leave feedback on maybe 15 to 20% of transactions. The Order Defect Rate is a combination of Neg Feedback, A to Z claims and returns and Amazon likes to see that number below 1% of all transactions.

Did your DSRs get you lowered in search and make your listing fees even more costly, or did you survive the holiday rush with search standing intact?

Just my 15%


Jim S. said...

My DSRs are all good (20%) except shipping time took a bit of a hit the last 2 weeks of December, most likely due to international shipments (I ship about 1/3 international).

2010 or Bust! said...

We have 2 IDs: The one with free shipping was 4.9+ across the board, the one where we charge (reasonable) shipping was 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.7

Pleasantly surprised, but with a caveat that a bogus T&S issue that is still not resolved really scared the heck out of us. We suspect a competitor of giving bad info to T&S and them just running with it.

Long term, that really opened our eyes to expanding channels, etc. I know we are not the only one that has had this type of issue. We are Platinum PS and to have absolutely no recourse and the fear over our heads every day (still!) that we could be suspended at any moment due to this fake claim is bone chilling.

Until eBay can deal with this issue, I really do think it will become the home of giant sellers, immune to real eBay policy and the remaining small niche sellers. Maybe that is what they want?

I know this has been said a million times, but here it is again: The people at the top of eBay are not the type of people who sell/shop on eBay. Not that they have to be to be successful, but they really lack the basic understanding of what it is all about.

You ever got to a restaurant and have a waiter that you can just tell really hates dealing with people? It's sort of like that. Probably better to just go get a job somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

"You ever got to a restaurant and have a waiter that you can just tell really hates dealing with people? It's sort of like that. Probably better to just go get a job somewhere else?"

That is exactly the vibe I get from JD,Lorrie and even Griff.

Gary said...

My DSRs stayed right where they have been for months - 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.8. And so far, nothing in feedback indicating anyone has been unhappy with how long it took their package to reach them.

Cliff Aliperti said...

I see I dropped from the 20% discount to the 15%, but honestly I was normally at the 15% til last month anyway. So I stayed about the same, or at least where I expected. No new negs or neutrals.

Kids Coats said...

We provide free shipping. DSR for 30 day shipping cost dropped from 4.94 to 4.89. eBay should give an auto 5 on shipping cost if the listing is for free shipping. How do you not give a 5 if the shipping is free. Shipping time DSR was stable at 4.95.

the-savvy-seller said...

I'm a very, very small seller but my DSRs just went up. I now have 5.0 on all 4 DSRs.

David said...

my DSR on shipping time tanked but that's because I did about triple the business that I normally do. I have hired my first employee to deal with all the extra volume that I've been doing.

BMX said...

My ship time star fell to 4.7. USPS was taking 5 and 6 days to delivery priority mail.