Monday, January 26, 2009

Amazon and Overstock Earnings This Week.

Last week we had eBay's earnings announcement and this week we get two other marketplace coming out with their Q4 numbers.
  • Amazon - January 29th. I'm looking for double digit growth Y/Y for revenue and units shipped and single digit growth in profit. Amazon's Q4 earnings will prove the value of third-party sellers on the platform.
  • Overstock announces Q4 earnings on January 30th and your guess is as good as mine on how they will do. I see trouble in Overstock's future.
Just my 15%

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Anonymous said...

Pat Byrne is the Tom Sizemore of eCommerce. He's just got to get away from Deep Capture and run his site as the Anti Ebay.

Unfortunately recent SEC action against naked short selling probably had the opposite effect, providing him with a sense of vindication, so now we all must wait while he smacks Heidi a couple more times.

Pat, forget Wall St and give small sellers our value propositon. We'll make you so rich you don't need to play the stock market.