Sunday, December 07, 2008

Source your Product From eBay and Sell Elsewhere

I'm not usually a selling tips guy, but with the new Daily Deals program at eBay, this is a great opportunity to source some product at unbelievable prices and sell it elsewhere. Not quite sure that was the intent of the program, but oh well.

Case in point. currently has a deal for the Philips 7 Inch Metal Digital Picture Frame, that began at 8:00 this morning (PST). The listing has 2013 available for $39.99 with Free Shipping. The retail price is $179.99 and Amazon is selling it for $99.99. There are currently only 3 merchants including Amazon selling this item. One merchant is selling it as refurbished for $100 and the other is selling it New for $90.88 (My apologies to that seller for mentioning this here on the blog)

So far Buy has sold nearly 400 of these in an a little under 2 hours. Maybe you would like it as a present for somebody for Christmas and maybe you would like to make $50 on the deal. Just buy it early and pay quick because eBay hasn't figure out how to not oversell the product.

Just an idea from MyBlogUtopia

One more thing: I will observe what happens to this listing and where the product ends up selling and for what price. If I can gather the data, I'll post what happened here on the blog.

Update: Better hurry, 900 more were sold in the last 2 hours as of 11:37 PST only about 1000 left.

Final Update: Buy's Daily Deal sold out in 6 hours, 53 minutes and 33 seconds. 2300 items at $39.99 each. Now we just have to wait and see how many end up listed on Amazon. Hopefully Buy will get them shipped out real soon. 126 buyers bought 3 or more of this one item.

Check back tomorrow at 8:00 AM PST to see what the next Daily Deal is. I wonder if it will be another item or if they will spread it around.

Okay, this is the final update (for now): There was no daily deal this morning. I'm trying to figure out why. If you are going to call it a "Daily" deal, wouldn't you think there would be one ... each day?

Those responsible for the last final update have been sacked -- This is your Final Update: The new Daily deal is up, but its not as good a deal. It selling for $34.99 with a $119.99 retail price and there are 900 left but it is selling for $44.79 on Amazon with 34 different sellers in the Toys category (which is closed to new sellers). The one on Amazon is a 3P sellers using FBA.

Just my 15%


TheBrewsNews said...

Be sure to check out the reviews on Amazon for this product. Looks like there are lots of "duds" in the bunch as well as the product is not necessarily a good one, even if you receive one that works as described. Perhaps you really do get what you pay for :)

If I was an electronics seller I might take a chance on this product to resell it. However, I would still be reluctant to purchase this item for resale given the number of complaints about it according to the reviews. Since I am not an electronics reseller, I am going to stay far away from this item.

Randy Smythe said...

Hi Brews,

Yeah, that may be an issue with this particular item. I am really just having a little fun.

Sellers source on eBay and sell on Amazon all the time I just wanted to observe the process and see if there was anything I could learn.

That margin sure is tempting though isn't it?

TheBrewsNews said...

You were poking fun but at the same time, you were right on target.

In the past, I have had eBay buyers purchase from me to resell on Amazon... I just noticed it when I started selling on Amazon and began looking at my competition there. I was shocked to see my customers on Amazon reselling the very product I know for a fact they bought from me.

But then I raised the prices on eBay and started selling on Amazon myself. I have much fewer sales on eBay and many more sales on Amazon and my profitability has increased significantly.

So, yes, I agree that there are many smart folks out there buying at low prices on eBay to resell on Amazon. But as more sellers like me close that window, there will be fewer sales on eBay and thus eBay will not receive a cut of the revenue stream anymore.

And people who continue to buy on eBay and resell on Amazon have to make sure to find quality products to resell on Amazon.

It is an interesting time right now, that is for sure.

Randy Smythe said...

Yep, it definitely is an interesting time.

BTW, I forgot to mention that if they go through Microsoft Live's Cashback they may be able to get up to 30% more off the item. Of course Cashback doesn't let you know if you qualify until the order is placed and then you have to wait 60-days for the money to show-up in your PayPal account.

Ginny said...

Just want to mention that someone told me recently that they had gotten a virus on their computer acquired from their digital picture frame made in China. I haven't used one of these so don't know how that would occur. But they said that there was a problem in some factories in China where some frames were made. OTOH the person who told me that isn't the most tech savvy person in the world so she may have been confused.

Anonymous said...

Maybe for eBay it's all about just boosting GMV, at someone elses expense?

Anonymous said...

I missed it. Thats what I get for not checking your blog earlier : (

Where do you find the deal of the day? Is there only one?

eBuyer Feedback said...

@ Ginny

The virus in the photo frame was a story spread around on the internet last year. Something about the photo frames sold by Best Buy. I suspect they had built in flash memory that was accessible to a computer. Same sort of thing happened with MP3 players and McDonald's.

Randy Smythe said...


Each day there is a new Daily Deal just check the home page or click on the Insider Deals link at the top 1/4 of the home page

Anonymous said...

As long as you're scalping these ebay items from the Diamonds, I say all systems go.

But to pipe individual sellers' items off of ebay to other venues is just plain unscrupulous, in light of Best Match. I couldn't do it-- I'd feel too much like ebay's partner.

Frickaboo said...

I bought 25 bedding items from ebay for cheap. Listed on amazon cheaper than everyone else had but enought to cover my expense.

The bedding company who sold me the bedding on ebay contacted me and told me i cannot resell on amazon unless i raise my prices.

or they will get legal.

so how does that work and why? there was nothing on the ebay listing saying i can not relist these on amazon.

Randy Smythe said...


I'm not a lawyer but if you did not sign any agreements stating you would not sell on Amazon they really can't do anything except restrict future sales.