Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dilbert's Look at eBay's DSR System

Click on image for the punchline.

Thanks to Ken for pointing this out on Twitter.

Just my 15%


David Yaskulka said...

Great post, Randy.

A few months back I was talking to a Wall Street analyst about the problems of a DSR system that puts too fine a point on the ratings.

I surmised that the difference between seller A, with DSR scores of 5, 5, 5 and 4.6, and Seller B, with scores of 5, 5, 5, and 4.3 may not even be statistically significant. Seller A is "advantaged" and Seller B might be kicked off eBay.

I described a sense of vertigo pervading the seller community, as circumstances beyond sellers' control created huge fluctuations in their fortunes.

His reply? "Welcome to my world."

Anonymous said...

wonder why i can see your recent blog entry "dilbert's look at ..." under IE but not firefox? Even after I refresh.

Beth - said...

Cute post David.

I definitely will say that the DSR rating system isn't perfect.

However, I believe that it has indeed done a lot to clean out the bad sellers on eBay - leaving more room for honest-to-goodness, quality sellers to remain.

Much like in the corporate world...the only thing certain is change.........we each have a choice to adapt or look for other ways of making a living.

I wonder what the next "bump in the road" will be on eBay that can be related to a Dilbert comic?

- The Auction Woman

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