Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazon vs. eBay November Traffic Comparison

I keep following the traffic battle between these two ecommerce giants and since I started with Alexa data I'll continue using it. As you will see by the charts in this post eBay turned on the after burners just prior to Cyber Monday and the two are now neck and neck in reach, though eBay still has the lead in page views and web rank.

Alexa Reach for November

Alexa Web Rank for November

Alexa Page Views November

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

There are so many variables when you compare these 2 sites that all you can look for are trends.

They are structured so differently, and you are required to visit less pages when you enter Amazon then you do eBay.

Right now on ebay, they have even added a page to the normal log in process, some promotion they are running that you have to click out off. Also lets not forget the promotion...that basically has you searching all over for the Doorbuster.

These clicks aren't clicks generated from sales just "fluff".

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, yeah pageviews is always going to be skewed in eBay's favor but as you said the trends are favoring Amazon.

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