Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Recent Podcast with ColderICE

If you get bored reading the stuff that I write, why not listen to the stuff I say? If you have time during your busy day, why not take a listen to the conversation I had about ecommerce with John over at ColderICE.

Just my 15%


nadine said...

The podcast was very good, Randy. I listened to it twice. John's 'epiphany' as the full stupidity of eBay's current attempt to kill categories on purpose was great. I hadn't known that Buy.com hit its ceiling in two months - how long until the others figure it out, I wonder?

eBay's current moves are simply from unimaginative desperation, imo, as in: "My lord, the harvest is bad this year. If you raise taxes again the peasants will starve." "There is no choice. The king demands his money. The peasants must pay."

One comment on the "perfect storm" hitting eBay's attempts at Amazonification. You said they should have tried this two years ago. Well, they did try it two years ago. They launched eBay Express, which was theoretically a much better idea than any of the carp they are trying now. Theoretically. You know better than I what a hash they made of it, and characteristically, how they abandoned it rather than try a version 2.0.

nadine said...

The Nielsens are simply devastating for eBay. eBay unique visitors down 10% for October YoY. Page views down 33%. Wow.

Randy Smythe said...


I think Express was the right idea but the wrong execution. They should have committed to a version 2 but their short-term thinking got in the way.