Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Expose Your WebStore on Twitter! #ShopTwitter

I'm trying a little experiment over on Twitter, why not join me and spread the word. It is called #ShopTwitter

What is the experiment? Basically, I've created a Twitter thread for online store promotion. I have no idea if this will generate any sales, but its free so its worth the effort. The idea is to expose your online store to millions of Twitter followers in one simple list. This is certainly not very sophisticated but nothing ventured nothing gained.

This is not the same as Twibbler and you should only promote your stores not individual listings. Please only post one tweet for each online store.

Here's how it works:
  • Setup an account on Twitter; if you haven't already. It is very simple and you won't be able to participate in the promotion unless you setup the account. Don't worry about learning Twitter right now just follow these instructions. This link will take you to the Twitter sign-up page
  • Once you have created the account or if you already have one setup, type a store promotion tweet into the comment box underneath "What are you doing?"
Here is an example

InetMediaSource - DVD's, CD's, Video Games and Books eligible for Amazon Prime members http://www.inetmediasource.com #shoptwitter

If you have a coupon code add that as well. You only have 140 characters, so be as concise as possible. Start with your Store name and then a short description including important keywords, don't forget to include the url of your store. You must also include #shoptwitter in order to get in the list.

The point of this exercise is to introduce your product to the world of Twitter. If we get enough stores listed the list will show-up as a hot topic on Twitter and will get additional exposure.

I just started early this morning and already I've been introduced to some great eBay stores, websites, Amazon stores, etc.

In order for this experiment to work, I need to call on the power of social networking. If you add your store please at least consider buying something this holiday season from one of the stores listed, also post these instructions to your blogs and forums to get others to participate.

Happy #ShopTwitter

Just my 15%

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Kids Coats said...

Here are my tweets. Hope I did it right!

kidscoats: Kids Coats Black Friday Sale Save up to $75 - use code THKCORKY Expires 12/1/08 http://kidscoats.com #shoptwitter (6 minutes ago)

kidscoats: Kids Coats Black Friday Sale $10 off $100, $15/$150, $25/$200, $40/$300, $75/$500. http://kidscoats.com #shoptwitter