Wednesday, November 12, 2008

eBay Top Seller Webinar - You are all Invited!

Apparently, eBay has seen the wisdom in making tomorrow's Top Seller webinar available to all sellers and thanks to Scot Wingo, I can give you the details.

The webinar is being presented by eBay's top seller team tomorrow (Thursday November 13th) at 1:30pm Pacific, 4:30pm Eastern.

Here are the meeting details:
  • Webinar link
  • Meeting ID: 111308  - secret code for attendee entry: 'attend'
  • Dial-in detals are: ( 866 ) 501 – 3202 / ( 706 ) 679 - 2073        
  • Conference ID:  72758551

Here's a sneak peek at the agenda according to Wingo:
  • Refresher on policy changes
  • Best Match/Search 
  • Driving demand for the holiday season 
  • Coming soon/2009 preview  
I'm going to be listening in and will post after the presentation but I would recommend that you participate if possible. eBay is reaching out to provide information that will help your business, so make time in your schedule. Those sellers who do not get this information may be at a disadvantage this holiday season.

Just my 15%


nadine said...

Will the webinar be available for listening after it has concluded?

Randy Smythe said...

Nadine, I don't know. I'll see if I can find out.

My guess is no, but who knows these days.

ms.pat said...

Nothing Ebay does these days pertains to small sellers - though someday they're surely going to realize we were worthwhile too. I feel I'd be wasting my time on this.

Anonymous said...

I can't attend. I will be grooming my nose hairs.

David said...

hard to believe people still haven't figured out the biggest factors to get advantaged in Best Matched.

It's very obvious.

Anonymous said...

Funny story about Wingo. I think it was the 2002 eBay Live...Wingo had evidently pissed off the CEO of AuctionWorks (at the time) Alec Peters. I guess Wingo found time in his busy schedule to sign the dude up to a couple of dozen porn sites. So anyway, there I am walking around and I see two guys scuffeling. Alec Peters had Wingo's fat little head in a head lock, and there he was - turning all purple, glasses falling off his face.

That is my single favorite memory from working in this industry. 'Member that, Scotso?

Anonymous said...

Ebay stock down to 12.30 . Your thoughts?

Randy Smythe said...

Looks like Jeetil Patel was right. He set a target price of $13 shortly after the Q3 earnings call.

Honestly, it is tough to read this because the market itself in in the tank.

I wouldn't be buying any shares even at this price. Too much uncertainty.

Beth Axelrod who is an officer at eBay bought 4000 shares on Oct. 21st thinking that must be a very good price -- cost her $60K. Today, less than a month from that purchase, her investment is worth $49K Stay away!

ms.pat said...

Yes, certain stocks are in the tank but not like Ebay. I judge by my good old company stock, Baxter. They fell a few dollars and not they go up or down a dollar. Ebay is simply headed down followed by the rest of the internet stocks.

David said...

It's very hard to know if the fall of eBay stock is driven by the economy, even is tanking.

The thing that sucks is that JD is almost in a no-loose situation.

eBay has the greatest amount of inventory on the web. It's impossible to screw it up, but they are doing a pretty good job at it.

Paul said...

Randy: I sell on Ebay and Amazon. In the last 2 weeks I have seen a large drop off of my sales at Amazon. Have you seen the same thing at your site.

Randy Smythe said...


My Amazon sales are actually rising. It may be dependent on the category.

ms.pat said...

"The thing that sucks is that JD is almost in a no-loose situation."

Yeah but eventually the economy will improve - it will take time but it will improve and that's where I'm convinced the big cheese stands alone...Ebay won't rise along with the rest.