Saturday, November 22, 2008

eBay Diamond Sighting! SmartBargains

Just came across a new Diamond seller. Don't have specifics on the deal they got, but it looks like no listing fees. They only have 540 current listings and zero feedback so far.

Their S&H seems a bit high, but I'm not in the apparel categories so maybe not. They are competing in the Handbag, Shoe, Jewelry, Bed and Bath categories.

SmartBargains is #100 in the Internet 500 list and has a website at

Just my 15%


Oren said...


A. How do you know that they are in Diamond status? (aside from being big internet retailer)

B. I think that their shipping charges are reasonable.
I cheeked 2 items in random. a bag and a pair of Jeans.

Both are 9.95 and shipped through UPS.

As far as I know it will cost them on average ~$5 to ship an item with UPS (assuming at least #2/per item) so the handling is about 5 which is again reasonable.

I also asked my wife who buys often and seldom sale fashion and she too think the shipping rates are OK.

As for pricing those are not bargains but not very high either.

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless a human seller asking that ship amount would get pummelled

how much ya wanna bet these guys keep a steady 4.9 / 4.9 / 4.9 / 4.8?

ms.pat said...

Diamond sellers and buying on Ebay are off the table far as by buying is concerned. In fact, I just tonight ordered a 500 GB external hard drive on Amazon. Free shipping and they had slashed the I had a 50.00 gift certificates. Best of all, I didn't have to worry about seller reputation because I bought straight from Amazon and I had over 30 reviews from customers that I could read about how they liked the product.

Any site that simply wants me to spend fee money while at the same time burying my items, for whatever weak excuse, is not a place where I'll be doing any business. I'm sure other small sellers are doing the same ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oren, How do you get that $5 handling is reasonable? eBay buyers will give them 3s and 4s for that.

Anonymous, the only way they get a 4.8 for shipping & handling is with eBay adjusting their numbers.

Their prices are department store sale prices. They are not eBay low prices.

I've got 4.9, 4.9, 4.9, 4.8 and I'm at rock bottom on shipping charges. The only way these guys are a threat is if eBay favors them in search, which is a possibility.


Tim said...

Looks like another seller set to swamp a category or two. eBay recruited them and gave them a special deal - and yet they do not conform to what eBay says they want: Lowest prices and free shipping.

You know, I don't mind the price breaks Diamonds get so much as I mind the different set of rules and philosophies applied to Diamonds: High shipping is bad if you are a little seller. Swamping a category is bad if you are a little guy (leads to poor buyer searches, you know). Poorly priced items are bad if you are a little seller. And DSRs are a real threat if you are a little seller.

I have had to revise all my searches for office supplies as Shoplet has swamped the category. A lot of what they list is just crazy: One folder for $2.29 plus their standard shipping of $7.50. That will never sell, but they don't have to worry about it since they pay no front end fees.

Yet, eBay says they NEED to charge front end fees to make sure sellers don't list junk or poorly-priced items... and yet the big boys can get away with it and in the process swamp a category. In effect, unless a buyer is savvy enough to weed them out, Shoplet now owns much of office supplies. I am very glad I don't sell in those categories.

As for $9.95 shipping (possibly $5 handling)... it is not just me that says that is a high s/h price... eBay says that too... unless, of course, you are one of their favorites.

I get a warning every time I list with a $6.00 s/h fee... I can't imagine what eBay would do to me if I tried to charge $9.95. But, I am a little seller... just trying to pay a mortgage and put a kid through college. I am not nearly important enough for eBay to treat as a customer.

Kids Coats said...

I asked this question:

wow ten bucks to ship a pocketbook! Please do better than that?

Let's see what I get for a response. The first message was we'll get back to you in a couple of days. Yeah, that'll fly on eBay! heheheheh.

@oren there is no way $10 is reasonable and no offer of combined shipping.

eBuyer Feedback said...

@ Oren

I just used the GetItem call on one of their open listings and it says they aren't a powerseller. I'm not sure how accurate that is for finding Diamond powersellers but that usually tells you which level someone is.

Then again it doesn't correctly identify BUY either.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to SmartBargains...

Anonymous said...

I'll second this question: Why do you think they are Diamond status?

Randy Smythe said...

Hi All,

I was told, by a source I trust, that they are Diamond sellers and it is logical conclusion anyway.

They have not sold on the platform before and they are a large Internet retailer. Large retailers negotiate their way in this world.

rexxsales said...

eBay is primarily interested in becoming an online mall which will require them to take on as many Diamond sellers as possible and sacrifice all other sellers.

BMX said...

eBuyer Feedback said...


In response to the URL BMX has posted I've decided to create a site that will investigate anomalous feedback for these diamond powersellers. I do not expect to find any cover up but might be able to come up with some interesting information. Could you point me to a list of official diamond powersellers or post their ids? From time to time I hear of one appearing but haven't been keeping close track.

Anonymous said...

And another Diamond.

AlexK said...

SmartBargains makes good money, good for them.

Alexander said...

Fully Agree with ms.pat.

eBuyer Feedback said...


Randy Smythe said...


That is i great start for the new Diamond Seller :) -1 FB score.

Canceled the first sale made.


eBuyer Feedback said...

Now it is just getting sad. Two negatives and one positive.

Here's the site I promised earlier to monitor such feedback:

So to anyone like BMX, if you hear a rumor about feedback being removed from one of these diamond powersellers check us out first for the real story. Hopefully this will bring some needed transparency.

Anonymous said...

couldn't we create a movement to tank these diamond sellers. buy one item and leave all ones for feedback just to see what ebay would do. just a thought