Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cyber Monday Tips For Amazon Sellers

Every year, Cyber Monday creates a giant sucking sound on Amazon, where product just moves like crazy. This year may be different because of the current economic climate but you still have to be in the game. It may be slower for items with plus $200 prices (unless they are game systems) but I believe media product and items under $200 will still sell well.

Here are some tips for Amazon sellers:
  • Make sure Amazon has enough inventory, even if it means you reduce inventory on eBay or another marketplace. FBA sellers will just need to work hard this week to get as much product as they can up to Amazon's FBA warehouses, so make sure you load up this week.
  • In the Amazon Marketplace, you don't have to be the lowest price on Cyber Monday. I know this is counter-intuitive as everybody else is going to be discounting like crazy, but remember that all of those lower priced items ahead of you will sell-out and you will then be the lowest price. You still have to discount to get the sale but you don't have to be the lowest. One caveat: If you have very deep inventory on any sku's lowest price will be your friend. 
  • If you use a seller tool that gives you inventory counts from your competitors make sure to monitor that closely.
Those are just a few suggestions for Amazon sellers this holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

"Cyber Monday" is a myth. Other points of your article are certainly worth paying attention to with regard to selling during the holiday season, but the whole Cyber Monday thing is just made up. It was never true, and it still isn't.


I don't mean to detract from the very good content, it's just that I really hate seeing incorrect things being passed on and on and on.

Randy Smythe said...


Yeah it is a marketing concept but it is part of the collective consciousness.

I have no problems promoting Cyber Monday. It may not historically be the busiest shopping day of the year but it still makes sense for sellers to get product listed before it.

I do see your point, but it just makes for easier blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Randy, is there a list anywhere of those FBA sellers?

Randy Smythe said...


Nope there isn't a list of FBA sellers that I know of, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Quick question, you mention a seller tool to monitor competitor inventory, can you direct me to where I may find such a tool? Love your blog. Thanks in advance.

Randy Smythe said...

I use Seller Engine. You can find it at sellerengine.com it has some bugs but meets my needs right now.

Del Mar Designs said...

Can you use the Seller Engine if you're not a 'Media' seller? Great blogs, as an Amazon seller I found them very informative.

Randy Smythe said...

Del Mar,

Good question. I think you can use it for any product on Amazon but it would be best to check the website.

I like the folks behind Seller Engine and for the most part I like the tool but it occasionally has issues. For the price though I put up with them.