Monday, November 17, 2008

Could Meg Whitman be the Next CEO of Yahoo?

Shocking news today that Jerry Yang will be stepping down as the CEO of Yahoo and going back to his position as Chief Yahoo, whatever that means. Valleywag, not usually a source I quote, suggests that Meg Whitman might be considered to run Yahoo.

What do you think?
  • Is Meg determined to get into politics? She may run for Governor at the end of Arnold's term.
  • Would she risk her legacy if you became CEO of Yahoo? John Donahoe is ultimately going to get the blame for eBay failing, but Meg can't avoid the connection. If she turned around Yahoo, she could reclaim her status.
I think she is an obvious choice to be on the list, but not too sure she is right for the job, or more importantly whether she would even want the job.

Just my 15%


David said...

What's interesting is that everybody hates John Donahoe yet I haven't heard anybody demanding the return of Meg Whitman or even people like Bill Cobb and Jeff Jordan.

Henrietta said...

Too funny, SNAP!
Both typing madly on opposite sides of the Pacific.

I don't thnk Yahoo can afford Meg plus she is still officially on board as JDs adviser.

Wouldn't there be a non compete clause?

Roderick St. John said...

Whitman AND Donahoe to Yahoo ASAP.

Yahoo has opened their doors to Bain. Bain pod incubators are probably already bolted in place.

Whitman and Donahoe would spawn well in the new Yahoo Bain tainted waters.

Randy Smythe said...


Everything is negotiable.


I love it. Bain pods already securely fastened at Yahoo. It would be a seamless transition.

Kids Coats said...

Here's what my crystal ball is saying:

Yahoo and eBay get taken out in a buyout, no need for new management.

eBay goes to Google, they spin off marketplaces to Amazon. Amazon shuts down the fixed price initiatives at eBay and runs an auction house. Google gets PayPal to supplement Google check-out and Amazon out sources Amazon payments to Google. Google will feed Amazon and the eBay auctions massive traffic at cost and turn the relationship into a big CPA revenue model. 3% of sales for the payment processing! An eBay and Amazon paid listing on every query powered by Googles algorithms. Amazon will outsources their Amazon ad program to Google and Google serves the ads on eBay.

Yahoo goes to Microsoft, they keep search and the sponsored advertising. This is the best chance for keeping a competitor in place for Google. Content gets spun-off to a media company.

Only time will tell.

ms.pat said...

I would LOVE to see Meg Whitman run Yahoo simply because it would stop her from trying to run for governor here in California. We have enough trouble here as it is!

HydroHunt said...

I don't think we should count eBay out yet. It is still the number one online market place for unique items. I can't find an 18th century stamp collection on Amazon.

eBay is in a transition right now, but I don't think they are down and out. They need to rediscover their identity: a fun and unique online marketplace. Maybe that will require a change in leadership. To keep up with current trends, eBay has fixed price listings but they should separate them from the auctions. I am sure there are alot of clever people still with the company that don't want to see it fail.

Maybe they need a regime change or maybe Donahoe is a genius and all of these new plans will work out. Who knows?

rich said...

Does Yahoo currently play a major role in anyone's life here?

My Yahoo mail account is about 4th on my depth chart given to ax-murderers, known terrorists, Somali pirates, and other potential spammers.

Jerry messed up bad. REAL bad...

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