Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bonanzle Gets Some TV Coverage.

Seattle area TV channel King5 did a news feature on Bonanzle just recently, as the upstart website continues to grow and get recognized.
  • Alexa Ranking - 77,976
  • Items listed - >250,000
  • Users - 8,000
This is pretty impressive for a site that just came out of Beta in August. I will continue to follow the site and provide updates as I get them.

Just my 15%


David said...

I wish them the best of luck but they've got a lot of work to do.

The site is incredibly slow, the connection kept timing out.

Randy Smythe said...

Yep, that is part of the growing pains. They should be bringing another server online this week, hopefully they can keep on top of it.

David said...

8,000 users isn't very much. My feedback score is almost 15,000 so I've had almost twice as many people buying from me alone as registered on this site.

The key is building the community.

If you go look at what the eBay homepage looked like in 1997, they made a big deal of the message boards and chatrooms.

They have links to chatrooms and community boards from the homepage.

That's what I think any competing site needs to concentrate on. They need to build a community.

If somebody wants to capitalize on all the sellers that were frustrated with eBay, they need to study and learn how eBay went from somebody's living room to being a publicly traded company.

bsanut said...

I have a presence on Bonanzle, and also Atomic Mall.

Bonz is MUCH more friendly, and I wish them luck, because they are who I want to succeed.

However, so far, two sales Atomic Mall, zero Bonz, for the last three weeks or so, which is when I started them both. Dunno why.

Ebay sales 75+ in the same period.

Still, things are changing. It's only a matter of time.


Christy Pinheiro, EA said...

I like Bonanzle... I also have some stuff posted on IOffer... Of course EBay is still a Juggarnaut, but the new CEO seems very intent on grinding EBay into dust, so the market is wide open!

David said...

Randy do you think that the primary reason eBay went to category specific pricing is because they recognize the threat of competition.

Do you think if a 3rd party website dealing in say, sports cards take off and starts taking away a big chunk of eBay's business in that category, this gives eBay the option to undercut their competition while at the same time bleeding sellers in other categories dry

ms.pat said...

I think the key to any of them gaining in popularity is to get buyers to the site. Everybody hates a learning more so then buyers. We need to get them out of the ebay habit and onto new sites. That's super hard to do. I've had a few of my customers come to Bonanzle but they still look for me on Ebay (shrug)

Anonymous said...

if only they'd actually import my ebay listings w/their 1 click button. have tried 4x w/o luck.

David said...

I think the best site that I've seen, is iOffer.

I've talked to people who have sold things for more $$$ on iOffer than on eBay

Anonymous said...

Bonanzle is great. When was the last time you had fun listing?
It's a blast there and members are very helpful any question you have,an answer is just a click away.

If you like to pay listing fees, high FVF fees and love being told how to run your business, then Bonanzle is not the place for you.

If you want control of your store,(booth) have the right to accept which payments you prefer and what to have fun. Then come check out

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