Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amazon vs. eBay: Black Friday Traffic Comparison is not always considered the best source for traffic statistics, but it is the only site out there that can give us a snapshot of traffic this past week. I've compared Amazon to eBay in these graphs and the comparison is for the last 7 days through Black Friday. Reach

Alexa Pageviews

Alexa Rank

My sales were up big on Amazon on Black Friday, several of my associates who sell on eBay did not get a sales bump on Black Friday. How did you do?

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

Nothing on Ebay but a couple nice sales on my website. I'm a happy camper today. Sorry, I don't sell on Amazon, I only buyer there ;-)

Redford said...

Sales were up on Amazon and eBay stayed the same. We have most of the same items on eBay and Amazon and Amz out sold ebay 5 to 1. Customer questions and problems on Ebay were about 20 to 1 from those on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I sold alot of sports equipment this black friday on Ebay. Sales are up over 35% compared to last year. My amazon sales are down a little bit compared to last year.

paul said...

Randy the right chart you should of used was the page views. This should tell the real story about the amount of time people are spending looking around the site.

Randy Smythe said...


That is good news. I think your product category has a lot to do with that.

I sell media so it makes sense that Amazon would be up. I'm glad somebody is seeing an increase.


The cost of selling on eBay has to take into account the customer service issues and the constant changes. Sell what is profitable on eBay.

Randy Smythe said...

Paul, I am actually going to add charts for Page views and for Rank on the web.

eBay has always had a huge lead in Page views so it will be interesting to see if that lead shrinks substantially.

Jim S. said...

eBay sales in the tank is an understatement. My sales fell off the cliff Wed 11/16 and were miserable all weekend. My eBay visits & page views are down 30+ percent vs. same days last year. Mdse mix same & better than LY. Only thing I see is eBay's screwed up search results. For example, sorting by lowest price with shipping doesn't return same.

John said...

Sales on Amazon were up, eBay was OK on Thursday and flat on Friday but up yesterday and today. It is an OK holiday weekend, but I am not jumping on any tables, cause I can not afford to buy new one :-)

John (ColderICE)

PuReWebDev said...

It doesn't surprise me that Amazon beat out eBay. Associates like myself, are really focusing on generating sales, not just during the holidays, but all year round.

Anonymous said...

It hard to tell the motives of the page views and traffic. Are they buyers or are they sellers?

I spend a lot of time on ebay doing research, and if I am going to buy an item on eBay I have to click through at least 5X the listings for each item. Since all item are listed individually.

I don't see a upward trending on the eBay stats like I do with Amazon. This worries me (as a Ebay seller) because I would expect to see more buyers. eBay is flat. No serge in buyer traffic that retailers usually see this time of year.

Randy Smythe said...


I think page views will always show in favor of eBay because of the reason you state. It is really the trend that I am trying to identify and it definitely favors Amazon.

Oren said...

I had one of the worst weekends I can remmber.

You have to take this with a grain of salt since I don't keep good stats.

I'm not that surprised though. In my segment (computer related items- used and refurb.) it is to be expected.

Alexander said...

Fully agree it was bad weekend i didn't sell anything,

pnachnani said...

Black friday was an outstanding day for me on EBay. Sales were strong and I am optimistic about a very solid holiday season.

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