Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Video Game Sellers Have Another Option! is coming out of beta today with a new design and some very interesting new partnerships. is an online marketplace for gamers to buy and sell their new and used games and gear. Dawdle lets gamers get maximum value for their used goods by giving sellers more money than they could get trading in at GameStop and lets buyers save money by having lower to-your-door prices than can be found at the local GameStop store.  "Our goal is to make it moronically easy to buy games" said Sachin Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Dawdle.
  • Video gaming is a recession proof industry, but still allows gamers feeling the pinch to save some money by buying and selling on its platform.
  • Dawdle has no listing fees and deposits sales proceeds right into the checking account of the seller, allowing sellers to make sure that they get paid with no risk to them. 
  • Dawdle offers a 100% money back guarantee to make sure that buyers can buy with confidence.
  • Dawdle has very strong relationships with independent retailers of video games and gear and will announce partnerships with other vendors to this space to provide a best-in-breed offering catering to the industry.
  • Dawdle has the easiest to use platform to gamers as the site is built for gaming and is not a general purpose auction site or e-commerce site.  Dawdle uses stock images and descriptions to streamline the listing process, using drop-down menus to denote Condition and Comes With (New In Box, Complete, Game Only, etc.).
  • Dawdle uniquely lets power users place OpenOffers(TM), so that buyers can initiate a transaction by specifying what items they are looking to buy - and can specify Condition, Comes With, and Seller Rating.  When a listing that meets those criteria is posted, the buyer's OpenOffer turns into an automatic purchase.
The Partners:
  • By the end of 2008, Dawdle will be integrated into the Fillz multi-channel listing tool. Fillz was just purchased by Amazon in the AbeBooks deal and Dawdle will be the first Gaming only marketplace to be integrated into the Fillz system. FillZ is committed to helping media sellers do the multi-channel thing and many large online sellers use Fillz to manage their listings. This partnership is huge for sellers who want alternatives to eBay and Amazon for their games, but want to manage inventory in one place. Fillz solves this for them.
  • Integrating with Extreme POS (Point of Sale) and Wolf Track POS. These two point of sale software vendors are the leaders in the industry.  "This is the first time any marketplace has integrated with in-store point of sale solutions, ever.  Our focus on adapting to existing workflows rather than imposing new burdens is what led us to partner with these two leaders - this will be a Godsend for those independent retail stores in strip malls all across the country." said Agarwal  
  • BRE Software.  BRE Software will provide a customized price guide to help consumers know how to price their stuff on Dawdle.  BRE has been the leading price guide to the industry; this will be the first time they'll be providing prices directly to the public. is a gamer's dream on the web. The team at Dawdle, concentrates on the needs of the "gamer" so they've designed the site with that customer in mind. 

If you are an online seller of video games and gear, you should be adding to your list of online selling venues. I know I'm going to start selling some of my stuff there.

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