Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Webstore Stats!

I know how much you all love my stats, well now that my Webstore is up and running and taking orders, I have some early stats: (From Oct 17th through the 27th).
  • Unique visitors: 322
  • 27% of visits are from returning visitors. (Probably some of you).
  • 34.16 % of traffic has come from Google Product Search. (Google Base)
  • 29.21% of traffic has come from My Blog Utopia - Thank You
  • 10.64% of traffic has come from Yahoo organic search.
  • Sales to date: $132.16 
  • 6 affiliate sales (2 from my readers, thank you)
  • 2 of my own items.
Now you may laugh at those sales, but I'm very pleased. I haven't even started to actually market the site yet, this activity is pretty much straight out of the box. Once I fine tune my SEO efforts and add a blog to the site and start to do some merchandising, I'm feeling very confident that this will turn into a nice little revenue stream in the short-term and a sizable profit generator by Q4 2009. 

The next update will be in January of 09, so stay tuned.

Just my 15%