Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Blog Utopia Housekeeping.

I got bored with the look of the blog, so I changed it up a little, hopefully nobody gets too upset. I've also finally hosted the site at there should be no need for you to change links as everything going to will re-direct to the new url. The RSS feeds are still the same.

In Case You Didn't Know:
  • You can always follow me on Twitter. This will give you a real sense of what I'm doing. I mix both personal and business stuff in the conversation, but I would love to have a conversation. As of this post I have 326 Twitter followers, but always enjoy meeting new folks.
  • If you prefer to get your posts in an RSS Reader like I do, then please subscribe to my RSS Feeds on the top right side bar. I have both a MyBlogUtopia feed and a Reader feed which is links to articles I'm reading.
  • You can find anything and everything you want to know about me at
  • When I'm not blogging, consulting, or tweeting on Twitter, I'm running my company INet Media Source. I specialize in used media items (DVDs, CDs and Video Games) I buy my product from consumers at and sell it on Amazon, using their FBA service and have just opened up my new Amazon WebStore. [Webstore is undergoing a little house keeping as well. Should be up on Monday]
As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Just my 15%


John said...

Cool Randy, I like it much and the colors are cool as well...ColderICE, LMAO

Glad to see the new look and the URL is all you. Of course I would not care if you wrote it on the back of your hand and took photos, the content is KING on your site.

Keep up the good work and thanks for what you do and are doing for sellers.

John (ColderICE)

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks John,

Your update of ColderICE, inspired me to update MtBlogUtopia.

BMX said...

Hey John,

I noticed you are in Atlanta too. Neat!


Moonlight said...

Nice blend of colors, Randy. Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2008. :)

TheBrewsNews said...

I really like the new format and new color combos. The website has a much more "soothing" feeling to it.

Randy Smythe said...

Brews and Moonlight, thanks for the feedback. I think is more of a guys look but the ladies should like it too.

It was time for a change.