Monday, October 06, 2008

John Donahoe on CNBC This Morning

Just click on the title for the link to the video.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

"I'm just all about winning (pttttt)." Notice how hard he is trying to keep a straight look on his smug little "Dennis the Menace" face. Funny how he keeps licking his lips and slurring his words too. Maybe he really is too drunk and high on meds to run eBay. I would be wasted too if I played such a large part in destroying so many small businesses.
Anybody who has actually tried to sell anything on FeePay can see that there is no way on earth that the recent changes were accidental or simply "bad business decisions". They have gone out of their way to:

1. raise fees beyond reason.

2. make the rules unworkable.

3. refuse to provide remotely acceptable customer service.

4. compromise everyone's safety by forcing them to use PayPal.

5. openly & directly insulting sellers and forcing them off of the site.

The recent changes at eBay are nothing short of direct sabotage. A kid in a business 101 class in high school would be smart enough to figure that out. If Helen Keller was still around, she could trace the Grand Canyon sized pit in the little stock chart and say "You know sonney boy, I think little Johney Donahoe's pep talk is hogwash"! "Abandon ship"! "Were doomed"! "Women, children & ebay sellers first"! "Dennnnnnniiissssssssseeeeeeeee"!

Anonymous said...

I have been a seller for over 10 years, never had feedback drop below 98.9, now I am lucky to have the 97.5, a dispute once a year or so but now a seller may as well pack it up, it is just not worth the time to sell there.

The only people I have heard say that they like the new ebay policies are the people working for Ebay and the Ebay Trolls on the discussion board, one only has to do a search on net to see that thousands of sellers say Ebay is a totally negative atmosphere, that Donahoe and the new policies have ruined any chance of success there. Most sellers are abandoning their sales and moving to other venues including myself.

Donahoe is drunk or to high to understand reality that or he has other agendas such as working for the competitors to destroy Ebay stock and then absorb the companies assets into the new venture for pennies on the dollar, which ever he and those who work with him are RATS.