Thursday, October 02, 2008

John Donahoe Interview on CNN Money!

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Just my 15%


David said...

What that worries me about that interview is that they had to ask him several times "have you lost any business" to get him to answer which makes me think when he finally answered he may not have been forthcoming

I also love how they show you what the eBay site of 2003 looks like.

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies and more lies.

Anonymous said...

Same Crap, Different Day!

Anonymous said...

She asked him twice if they have lost business and he said NO. He is either lying thru his teeth or an absolute idiot to believe that they haven't lost business. And it's more than likely that he is both!


jake said...

Maybe I need some kind of plug-in, but all I'm getting is a black screen with an inactive play button.

Is this normal for a John Donahoe interview?
(sorry, I couldn't resist)

jake said...

Problem only on CNN Money. CNN video player works fine.

nadine said...

She asked him if he had lost business and he said, "No, we continue to move forward in a very challenging environment." This is what you call a non-answer answer. And did you hear how tight his voice got when he said it? IMO, he knows he's got some baaaad revenue numbers to report in a couple of weeks, and was trying to walk the tightrope between saying positive things for the benefit of the company, and telling lies that would get him in hot water with the SEC.

Anonymous said...

John seems well-groomed.

I called Amazon yesterday about a recent customer concern and the rep removed a bad and unreasonable feedback given me several months back!

There are worlds of difference.

ms.pat said...


Ben said...

Ho-hum...Given how ebay works, I don't believe a word of it. It's all spin to get around the real issues. Sounds good though.

ms.pat said...

I guess when he said the good sellers would rise to the top and the bad sellers would fall to the bottom...he must have meant me. 10 year 10 percent 3,000 feedback and all 5.0 DSR's and yet my standing was lowered to "standard". Oh well, glad he clarified who the bad sellers are!

ms.pat said...

10 percent - should be 100 percent feedback. I have never had a negative (knock on wood).

Mr. Ed said...

We can complain all we want, but we know who ebay is favoring. It's not the small seller. Why stay someplace where you're not welcome. Seems like there are a lot of co-dependents who like the abuse ebay dishes out. There are other sites out there, Amazon, Bonanzle, etsy, overstock, just to name a few. Stop taking the abuse. Leave ebay.

ms.pat said...

mr.ed - up till last year I had a store and sold between 40 to 50 items a month. Not a powerseller but just below that. I haven't sold that much all year! No, I don't depend on Ebay anymore. I have shops on Etsy, Bonanzle, Blujay, etc. Just want to know what is behind Ebay's thinking. Usher Lieberman says they want small sellers of collectibles - but that's not true. He blatantly lies. Anyway, I tried their FP30 on some items and that's a bust too. I'm just not going to give them anymore of my money. I've been a good seller for 10 years and sometime in the very near future I think throwing out good small sellers is going to be their loss.

Anonymous said...

His handlers prepped him for that interview, using evenly spaced orange traffic cones.

Very evasive.

Randy, if he had simply answered her using a few of your captcha's, the replies would have made more sense.

"So, have you lost any business from this?"


"Any plans to sell Skype?"


Randy Smythe said...

Shasbot works for me.

He doesn't do many of these types of interviews. He stuck to the talking points.

Anonymous said...

Donoahoe = Captain Hubris

Dervish said...

The BEST AND most HONEST sellers are being destroyed with ebay's new policies. When Donahoe refers to the "cream of the crop", he is ONLY referring to his newly created "Diamond" sellers, who get free listings and over-run the site with cheaply made, mass produced, bulk items, which by the way, can EASILY BE PURCHASED ELSEWHERE FOR MUCH CHEAPER!!!

Whitman & Donahoe's scheme for ebay has COMPLETELY DESTROYED the integrity of the site, as well as, destroyed their own reputations!

I've had 9 years of selling on ebay with 100% feedback and ALL 5 star DSRs. It has earned me "standard" placement, which is ebay's secret code for "BURIED" listings.

I REFUSE to sell or buy on a site, which treats it's users with such massive contempt! I am DONE WITH EBAY!!!