Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's October, So Where are the Diamond Sellers!

They must be hiding! Maybe they aren't using their well-known brand names because they don't want to get the "Buy.com Treatment". Perhaps they are not launching their entire catalog, yet.

I've been looking for them in all the right places:
  • Consumers Electronics - I've heard that one or two will be launching in this category during Oct. but as of this post I don't have any names. Be on the lookout for J&R Electronics though.
  • Auto Parts - This is another likely spot for the new Diamonds. Look for names like JC Whitney and/or Auto Parts Warehouse
There are more categories and more Diamonds coming, but whether they will brave the new eBay during Q4 or wait until 2009 is anyone's guess. If you see any of them in your categories please let me know.

Also, you will be encouraged to know that not all big sellers want to be associated with eBay, many because they don't want their brands to be diminished by selling on eBay. eBay is getting turned down as much as they are getting told yes.

Just my 15%


Henrietta said...

One day, when I have nothing better to do, I will run a 'what if' on my spreadsheet to find out how many micro-sellers (less than 1K GMV sales per month) paying full fees would produce the same amount of income as Buy with it's 2% sell through rate. I think it would be 'interesting'.

I do not understand why JC Whitney would NEED eBay.

Randy Smythe said...


Many of the big companies are looking for incremental sales and want to reach out to the eBay buyers they can't reach any other way.

Moonlight said...

Randy ~ It's still early October.

Don't forget to look in the less obvious categories, like Sports Cards and Toys.

ms.pat said...

Well with the sell thru rate on ebay lately perhaps the big box stores don't want to spend the manpower to upload items to ebay even with free listing? Or maybe Ebay got greedy...which is entirely possible...and wants a small listing fee?

Oren said...

I would be expecting them to be also computers category. Only because eBay lowered the fees dramatically

permacrisis said...

At some point even with free listing fees, it still costs businesses the labor to upload, and to deal with the many returns they will doubtless experience.

If I were a business considering ebay as a channel, I would find a Smithers-type suck-up order taker employee, and command him:

"Smithers! Create an ebay ID. List some of our items! And, keep me posted on what happens."

Donahoe's infatuated with skunk-works projects... surely prospective sellers run them too.

I imagine the results would not be terribly encouraging, SNAD and reversal-wise.

The very TOOL ebay uses to run small sellers off- the loose-cannon, fickle buyer with a case of Negmania- will also dissuade any sensible large seller from even bothering to sell quality goods.

More likely, ebay will be utilized as a conveyor belt for closeouts, 2nds, and compactor fodder. A way to save on the trash bill.

Then, the clearance racks and "junk tables" will disappear from those vendors' B&M stores who do choose to sell on ebay; and a raft of open box, returns and other crap will choke ebay to death.

The big box stores' trash bill might even decrease! And, speaking of trash:

You know that huge reef made out of discarded plastic garbage floating in the middle of the Pacific?

Recent satellite photography reveals it has begun spelling out the letters, E B A Y!

Randy Smythe said...

Permacrisis, can you get me that Satellite photo? :)

Moonlite, Burbank is one of those sellers in the SportsCard business, but they were already on eBay before the big push.

Anonymous said...

I am a Diamond Powerseller by Ebay's requirements and definition except there is only one problem, they wont allow me to be Diamond nor enjoy any of the benefits. So where are they? here I am, NOT.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are mavericks being all mavericky or something.


Anonymous said...

Ebay will NEVER open up Diamond Powerseller benefits to ANY existing ebay seller.

Why? Several obvious reasons but the principal one is this: If you've already been paying ebay's full rate card for years, well, then, they've already got you-and they know it.

They only want big, stand-alone, corporate clients like Buy.com who don't RELY on being an ebay seller. Or an amazon seller or any kind of 3rd Party seller who RELIES on the bigger ecommerce companies to survive.

Doing big gross numbers on ebay isn't going to impress ebay. They know if big seller A goes away, then big seller B will pick up his/her sales. That's the reality.


Mike said...

It's October so where is President Norrington?

She was shipped off to Asia a month or so ago and we haven't heard an "excited" peep from her since.

It doesn't take this long to learn how to say "No DSRs for 90 days" in Mandarin/Cantonese.

bonni said...

Wouldn't it be a delicious dramatic irony if eBay sacrificed and alienated all of their small and medium sized sellers in the expectation of being able to recruit a bunch of Big Box Mart type sellers, only to find that they can't recruit the Big Box Mart sellers, or that people don't want to buy from them via eBay?

I'm making no predictions, but the thought of it is richly entertaining, in a dark, schadenfreude sort of way.

Anonymous said...

why should we be encouraged by that last paragraph. its actually pretty discouraging.

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