Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interesting New Website

I haven't spent a lot of time at the site yet, so I can't give you a thorough review, but Mashable has a nice write-up. It looks like niche website geared towards mom's.

Mashable says:
"If you’ve had brothers or sisters or cousins older than yourself, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ve been the recipient of objects most frequently described as hand-me-downs.

Rarely would such an exchange elicit happy thoughts. Except for your parent or guardian, who saved some cash in the process, as well as the giver of said object, who could net some so-so karma for passing it along. (Major feel-good moments are had with Good Will donations and the like.) Well, there is now a service crafted to accommodate precisely this process. Fittingly, it’s name literally spells out And quite frankly, it may actually be worth your while."

What happens when you don't have any more kids to "Hand Me Down" too. Sell or Donate at

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

If ebay functioned correctly this site wouldn't have a chance.

Randy Smythe said...


Yep, I think that is the point. The sites that can develop a niche that helps out a segment of eBay's buyer and sellers will succeed because eBay is so screwed up.

ms.pat said...

Is Ebay management even aware of this? I think Donahoe is so set on turning ebay into something it can never be that he is just ignoring these little sites. Some, like Etsy, are really starting to make headway. You can't even mention Ebay on Etsy unless you want to be beaten up and kicked out LOL I'm getting sales on Bonanzle too - another upstart little company that ordinarily wouldn't stand a chance. Ebay may be doing us small sellers a big favor without realizing it.