Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ina Steiner Interviews Former eBay Seller Bruce Hershenson

If you haven't visited Auctionbytes yet today, you might want to click on the title of this post and go read her interview with founder, Bruce Hershenson. He shares some very interesting comments regarding why he left eBay. 

Many of you have followed his story, so this may be nothing new to you, but I wanted to share one quote that should provide some perspective for you smaller sellers trying to find a new home for your product.
"I have heard many smaller sellers complain that the alternate selling sites do not have the traffic that eBay does, and therefore they give up on them. They forget that the eBay I first encountered in 1998 had very little traffic, and it was only after many people like me supported it that it gained substantial traffic. I think that over time, many eBay sellers will gravitate to one of the alternate selling sites, and that that site will become real competition to eBay. Until that happens, I suggest that all small sellers look for alternate ways to diversify, opening an inexpensive website, exploring selling on many alternative sites, etc. If today a seller's business is 100% eBay related, they can look to make it only 90% eBay in a few months time. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is an important first step to becoming less dependent on eBay."
Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

He's absolutely right. The trouble with most ebay sellers is they go somewhere else, list their things and sit and wait. When nothing happens they come right back to Ebay. I've told my art group that selling may never be that easy again and we have to go out and work and market ourselves. Every seller who leaves ebay needs to list on several other sites and they need to reach out to their buyers and get them to buy from them on those other sites. We need to break the buyer's habit of Ebay just as much as we need to break ourselves loose.

Henrietta said...

One day at a time LOL

Johnny Doom said...

hey randy can you put this link on your blog? If enough people sign it, the board of dir. might pay attention.

keep up the good work!

Tony P. said...

When it comes to Collectibles sellers, Bruce is the Poster Boy!

(groan biotches.. you're just jealous I beat ya to it)

Seriously. After the 2006 store fee hike, many "small sellers" closed up. As the changes were implimented, more Canaries began to die.

When Bruce called it quits, I knew that no one could deny that collectibles were (be)headed to the guillotine. (groan again!)

Two thumbs up to Bruce and a couple of fingers for ebay.

permacrisis said...

Bruce's comments underscore an important fact- that even a free site can be considered an 'investment' if you get involved with it early enough. The early adopters will inherit the feedback, hence any future traffic. A gamble? Not with a little research... and not as much as doing nothing!

Anonymous said...

Bruce and other members of the internet merchant association worked to communicate with e-bay the needs of sellers and made many suggestions. Yet it all seemed to fall upon deaf ears as e-bay has continued to charge more and offer less. E-Bay id cosmic-king - Kirk Holbert Amazon Webstore

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