Monday, October 20, 2008

Former eBay Employee Alan Lewis Visits!

No he hasn't visited My Blog Utopia, though I will begin working on that shortly. He actually is participating in a discussion thread on the eBay Stores Board.

A user posted a link to his most recent blog post which I have linked to here and Alan jumped into the discussion. There is some very interesting conversation going on.

Check it out.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...


Very good and thanks for the link. Alan is a good guy and I talked with him for a while back in '06 at the Vegas Live. I also had a long talk with Nash about Express since we had chatted many times on the PS board and others. It was still a somewhat vibrant time back then but I could feel the tension starting to develop and I have not been to a Live since, even this year when it was a hour or so drive away.
Alan reveals a lot about what we already assumed and what he could not say for a fact we can also believe that our assumptions are correct.
It is ashame but in my 10th year on eBay I have to say that it looks like it is coing to an end. I do like his idea though on every seller buying up whatever stock that they can and then forming a group to try to enforce the correct changes to eBay. It can be done and has been done before in other companies but it has to be very subtle. This is all very interesting.


ms.pat said...

It saddened me when Alan said there are some at HQ who think sellers are expendable :-( I am so hoping this crew gets swept out before its too late. What madness.

Randy Smythe said...

Bill, it is nice to see that somebody has the courage to speak up.

It is obvious Alan cares about eBay or he would have just changed jobs and kept his mouth shut.


Alan, just confirmed what we all knew.

nadine said...

randy, I never heard of eBay Desktop until I read Alan's blog - had you? I got no information on it, there is nothing on the site or the help system about it.

pat, isn't it obvious that all of eBay management thinks sellers are interchangeable and in endless supply? Never mind the quality of the seller, they can't even pay attention to that most obvious dimension, the SIZE of the seller and the eBay revenue he generates. They have been chasing off the big with the little with nary a backward glance.

Randy Smythe said...

Nadine, I had heard of eBay Desktop, it was an Adobe AIR product. I believe it is still a live project, but my guess is isn't a priority in this environment.

ms.pat said...

Randy - it is looking more and more like that post that originated on the boards a couple months ago - supposedly posted by an ex-employee of ebay was basically all true! I may go back and read it over again. Just to see how many points have already come to pass. I know I posted it on my blog and my tracking found that an url did visit my blog that day ;-)

David said...

Pat I hate to say this but most sellers *are* expendable

That's why they've implemented a lot of illogical policies like for instance the non performing seller policies.

SNP was originally intended to get rid of fraud. Now good powersellers are being suspended for 30 days after getting 1 negative.

If somebody sells books, and they make one mistake and get suspended losing their livelihood in a tough economy, another seller selling books will replace him.

ms.pat said...

Nadine, assured there will come a day when they have to grovel looking for business...and wishing they had the sellers around like in the "good old days" ;-) It just kinda shocked me to hear an ex-ebay employee actually say it.

David said...

Pat, I don't think the idea that sellers are expendable is anything new. Obviously the old management team felt the same way.

Lets take Randy's business GlacierBayDVD for example. GlacierBayDVD at one time was the #1 seller on eBay.

eBay could have made GlacierBayDVD the first diamond powerseller giving him discounts on fees.

As soon as GlacierBayDVD started having problems, eBay basically stubbed one of their top sellers out like a cigarette.

ms.pat said...

David - yes, they've always been arrogant about the sellers and looked down on them, but now they are purposely trying to rid the sit of them....slowly while they usher in their big sellers. Unfortunately for them, its NOT working according to plan.