Wednesday, October 29, 2008

eBay's New In-Demand Tool! Update

Scot Wingo, just did a huge write-up on eBay's new In-Demand tool, on his blog, so I won't go into many details, but this is an interesting new tool for Power Sellers with high DSR's (4.8 or above). 

In a nutshell, eBay's In-Demand tool will tell you what product is in-demand on the site but the supply is limited. Again, like many things eBay does, it make sense in theory.

Unfortunately, I think eBay will lose interest in this within a few months and it will go the way of so many other things they've developed. 

I have a suggestion; why not put off these little projects until you bring enough demand to the site for the product that is already here?

Update: It looks like RBH at eBayInk just posted about the program with details. Currently it looks like there are 6,000 beta testers in the program. If any of my readers are in the group please email me your thought.

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

"I have a suggestion; why not put off these little projects until you bring enough demand to the site for the product that is already here?"

They brag about bringing buyers and sellers together yet they're content to squeeze their revenue out of sellers (mainly small sellers). These "goodies" come and go like a baby picking up shiny new toys and dropping them when he tires of them. NONE of Ebay's efforts this year have been aimed at bringing in new buyers. I'm wondering when its going to all catch up to them...perhaps it has already (shrug)

rich said...

"6,000 beta testers in the program."

The droids.

rich said...

eBay gave them free borders around their listings for a month if they filled out a 100 page survey.

David said...

I don't need eBay to tell me what's in demand. I have a pretty good idea.

The easy part is knowing what sells, the hard part is finding and sourcing these products.

A lot of "in demand" products are in demand for a reason. Because they are hard to find.

A lot of these companies don't want their products sold on eBay, and require proof that you have a physical brick & morter store, as well as a credit check, and financial records.

BMX said...

I checked out the indemand site and was suprised that I have access to it. Does this mean I qualify? (all my 30 day stars are 4.9).

Anyone know how to figure out what your discounts are?

This might be good for selling new releases if the fees are where they need to be.

Checked some of the skus in the video game category and alot of them are very old... interesting to say the least.

Randy Smythe said...

If you can get in then you are authorized. They don't have any discounts yet.

It is no surprise to me that they aren't showing new in-season items.

BMX said...

No discount = WORTHLESS

Can't offer new release media with no substantial FVF discount.