Thursday, October 02, 2008

Amazon Strategies Webinar

Amazon Success Strategies for Q4 2008

Join Scot Wingo and Max Leisten as they show you specific strategies to reach out and grab Amazon’s potential for more all-important fourth quarter gains.
Learn how to:
  • Meet and exceed the high expectations of Amazon customers.
  • Optimize your inventory and pricing strategies for Amazon’s unique marketplace dynamics.
  • Surpass Amazon’s holiday performance criteria.
Here are some reasons not to miss out on this Webinar:
  • Last year’s Amazon sales grew at double the rate of e-commerce – 38% vs. 22%.
  • Amazon represented more than 10% of U.S. online sales in the first half of 2008.
  • Consumers are buying more at Amazon – unit sales growth of 32% in Q2 outpaced customer growth at 18%.

Just my 15%


tula said...

Do these webinars get archived anywhere? They keep having them at a time I can't attend (client meetings for my consulting business). I'd love to get their take on selling on Amazon.

Randy Smythe said...


They occasionally make them available. I'll see if I can find out.