Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Overstock Starts Selling Internationally!

Just in time for the holidays, Overstock.com will begin selling Internationally.

"Online retailer Overstock.com Inc. on Tuesday said it launched capabilities that enable it to sell to consumers in 34 countries.

The discounter said the new markets include Canada, the U.K. and the members of the European Union. The site locates users and displays pricing in their local currency, automatically adjusted to daily exchange rate fluctuations.

Overstock.com said on Aug. 27, the day of its "soft launch," the site recorded orders from 17 different countries. Traffic has increased since, without marketing.

"With the weakness of the dollar the time has never been better for international customers to purchase American goods, creating a great opportunity for us," said Patrick Byrne, Overstock.com chairman and chief executive."

Source: Associated press

Just my 15%


Andy Geldman said...

Well, they are shipping to the UK *from* the US.

I was hoping that they actually had a EU fulfillment center. If you are in the EU and buy any item worth over £18 from outside the EU, VAT of 17.5%, import duty (variable), and an admin fee are charged - so it often becomes a poor deal.

Randy Smythe said...

From what I understand, all of their vendors ship to a US Address and then they forward the items to the International address. I'm not sure how they are handling VAT and other taxes.

ms.pat said...

If they're serious about auctions this time they best start to advertise them. They've had auctions for year but kept them almost a secret. there art category has less than 50 paintings - absolutely dismal because there is no traffic for them! I had high hopes for Overstock auctions when they first started up years ago. They advertised heavily on TV without one word about auctions! Go figure!