Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looking for Diamonds!

Imagine being a large Diamond eBay Seller, that launches 800K listings and finds that a great many of them never got indexed in search, so their sales are down just like regular eBay sellers. I wonder how they reacted to the recent news from eBay about listings not being indexed.
Well yesterday, it looks like took most of their listings down, only to launch new listings within hours. I would have loved to have listened in on that phone call from Buy to eBay.
With more Diamond sellers already on the site but not quite up to speed and new ones coming in the next couple of weeks, how do you think they will respond to eBay glitches? 
My guess is that is reevaluating their involvement with eBay. They had to double Customer Service to deal with the demands of the eBay marketplace, they are just as vulnerable as other eBay sellers to glitches, even with the lower fees they have to think that their Website sales and even affiliate sales have to be a lot less work for the money.
These new Diamond Sellers who are coming to the site, will find some of the same problems and I'm sure they will soon calculate the amount of work required into the ROI calculations and many of them may come to the same conclusion as regular eBay sellers, it just ain't worth it.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

Randy, Any info on who these new Diamonds are? Do you know of any that are actually listing items now and who might be coming soon?


Randy Smythe said...


I don;t have confirmation of names so I don't want to say who I've heard about. I can say that they seem to be in categories like Consumer Electronics and Auto Parts.

eBay has been making the rounds to a number of the top Internet retailers and I've heard that some are already on the site, but have not launched enough items to stand out.

If they aren't using their main brand name and aren;t listing 800K listings like did then they may be able to keep it hidden for awhile.

Based on the press that got, I'm sure they don't want to be singled out.

Anonymous said...

To protect eBay, every eBay buyer and seller needs to boycott all Diamond PowerSellers now and make their voices heard.

Post on blogs to voice your displeasure of's secret deal with eBay. Put fear into the PR departments of these and other potential Diamond sellers.

If the eBay community (the most powerful group of users on Earth) turns on and other Diamond sellers... they will all crumble.

Show these companies that we will not be manipulated and taken advantage of.

Pull your listings/ads from if you are selling there. And definitely don't buy from buy!

The Australian users know how to do this, they stopped eBay from limiting their market to PayPal only and we can stop them here in the USA.

If we can drive from eBay other potential Diamond sellers will avoid the PR nightmare and JD will get canned. does not publish ANY email addresses, so please, if you have an email address for Scot Blum or Neil Grover, post it here so we can all email them and let them know how unhappy we are.

Power to the 3P masses!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a new Diamond in hiding.

Creative Labs.

I'm with you! Let them have it!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we live in a country where 10 cents make the difference, people shop at walmart chinese products even when those products are destroying the American economy and the American jobs. Why? because they are saving a few cents!! It will be the same with those diamonds sellers.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, I like your energy, but I would prefer nobody list email addresses that are not their own on this blog and I will have to delete those comments, if I see them.

Listing information about their eBay IDs and other stuff like that fine with me, just no email addys, please.

Anonymous 2 I would think that many of these Diamond Sellers will use Outlet or Factory Store with their main brand to shield them a little.

Anonymous said...

I'm a clothing seller (mostly used) and suddenly Ebay is limiting what and how much you can list of certain brands. They did send an email at the end of August about selling limits.

I'm trying to figure out why. The only thing I can up with is there must be clothing diamond sellers coming on board who do not want to compete.

Anybody know the reason for these selling limits?

Anonymous said...

Pierre knew this would be a disaster and told JD to his face.

Pierre is right and JD is wrong.

Go to 1:55 and hear Pierre tell JD that 'secret deals' with the likes of will be a disaster.

He's exactly right... this is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Randy, can you explain why you would censor email addresses from comments in your blog?

Do you believe an email address is confidential information?

I didn't imagine there would be censorship in Utopia.

Could it be you are afraid of retaliation from the Diamonds?

Afraid of losing your contacts?

Here is the only known way to contact

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, cut me some slack. My feeling is that email address that are public are fine but nobody wants private email addresses posted on somebody's blog. I'm sure you don't want your address posted.

Anything that is public is fair game.

Are you trying to get me riled up? :)

Anonymous said...

It will become harder to spot the diamonds (or as we should realistically call them, the corporate sellers).

I'm just an ordinary, independent seller and even I use 5 seperate ebay IDs-so, a diamond/corporate seller can simply spread themselves out over multiple IDs to hide from us.

Ebay really hates the way their relationship with Buy was immediate ire for sellers. The ebay ivory tower management are so out of touch with us, they really thought we wouldn't take much notice of the Buy ID. They underestimate the intelligence of their proletariat...

Randy Smythe said...


Especially when sellers aren't selling anything and have a lot of time on their hands to seek these Corporate Sellers out.

Tony P. said...

I remember reading about a "catalog company" being implimented within ebay, early next year.

They provide an automotive catalog, so that'll help facilitate the Diamond car parts seller(s).

Look for names like Auto Zone, NAPA and Advance, or variations thereof, bringing their mega-inventory and single-digit STR.

Stefan said...

Randy you said,

They had to double Customer Service to deal with the demands of the eBay marketplace

Is that a fact or just speculation? Because if that is indeed a fact, that is a huge hit to their ROI for a company that large.

David said...

Stefan, "doubling" customer service isn't really saying much.

I remember a time when the only way you could call them on the phone was if you were a powerseller and all other inquiries were handled through email (which would take a week)

They used to have a special email address for powersellers to email where you got "priority customer service". They got rid of that.

Randy here's an email address for you.; I remember when all you had to do was email that email address instead of going through the confusing forms.

I was a bronze powerseller back then.

In 2005 I hit Silver, then Gold, and then Platinum. I was given a TSAM.

Even those guys are tough to reach. They rarely return your phone calls, and if you call their number you usually only get voicemails.

As a platinum powerseller I used to be able to speak directly to Trust & Safety.

Now you speak to somebody that claims to be from Trust & Safety that tells you to send an email of your issue, and wait X amount of business days for a response

Anonymous said...

Checked out creative labs about me page. they specifically mention that don't accept paypal.

Anonymous said...

Diamond status requires 12 month 4.8 DSR's. Creative Labs has less then this. We do not know if their designated diamond or not, but my guess would be they get impunity over the rules anyways.

--I am an eligible Diamond Powerseller ebay seller, (not corporate giant)

Randy Smythe said...


Current eBay sellers that qualify for Diamond status should get every advantage the "outsiders" get, you've earned it.

Unfortunately, so few eBay sellers qualify for Diamond status the name has become synonymous with "outsiders", Sorry about that.

These deals for "outsiders" have nothing to do with "Diamond" qualifications, they are agreements that are negotiated in the back rooms in San Jose.

Anonymous said...



Piere O, what ever happened to the level playing field?

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