Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Houston We Have a Best Match Problem!

As many of you may know, eBay's Best Match sort has been experiencing some issues over the past 2 weeks. eBay hasn't yet acknowledged this problem publicly, but sellers are burning up Tweeter, Discussion boards and bloggers email boxes.
From what I understand, eBay search results are all over the map and sellers are deeply concerned. 
As I posted earlier this week, Best Match sort is now incorporating Recent Sales History and perhaps the problems sellers are seeing is because that roll-out hasn't gone well.
Here is the chief concern for sellers: 
We are only 6 days from the launch of eBay's new 30-day Fixed price format and few sellers have any confidence that eBay's Best Match will be working correctly at that time. If a seller commits to a plan which include a great number of 30-day Fixed Price listings, they will be committed to that for a 30-day period, which is a lifetime on the Internet. If there are issues with Best Match that are not resolved quickly, this may be too much of a risk for sellers to jump into this new format.
I realize, if there is a problem, eBay will work to resolve it, but I've been hearing reports of problems with Best Match for the past two weeks and they still haven't been resolved.
My buddy Kevin Harmon at Inflatablemadness did an impromptu poll of sellers on the PeSA Discussion board tonight asking: "On a scale from 1- 10 how confident are you that Best Match will work beginning on the 16th"? and while not many have wade-in yet the consensus so far is a 2 on a scale from 1 -10.
I don't want to harp on this, but eBay sales make-up a large portion of these sellers business and the fear is palpable. If Best Match doesn't work "out of the box" and it takes eBay 2 weeks to fix the problem, we may actually have some sellers closing their doors.
It may not be that dire, but sellers can't be sure.

Just my 15%


Bob said...


Ebay wants to raise trust for buyers so that they will trust buying on ebay, but sellers don't trust ebay.

This latest debacle is ridiculous.

Steve L. said...

As long as this continues, sellers should mark their shipping up as high as possible, use poorly chosen keywords, and they should wind up on the first page!


PS - Amazon's been working fine.

ms.pat said...

When has anything Ebay ever instituted worked "out of the box". Seller's better hold onto their hats as Ebay - as usual - pulled something major at the very worst time of the year. I imagine they are in a world of hurt due to their own sheer stupidity and greed! I must admit its nice to sit on the sidelines for a change and watch instead of trying to cope with the madness ;-)