Monday, September 15, 2008

Free PeSA/ECMTA Workshop in San Franscisco Oct. 1st.

PeSA/ECMTA will be holding a free 1-day educational workshop in San Fransciso on Oct. 1st.

Here is a heads-up on topics and presenters:
  • eBay will be there and because of all the changes we expect this to be a very active topic as we will be 2 weeks into the 30FP change and sellers will have a chance to discuss with each other what everyone is learning to be the best strategy.
  • Amazon will be there to talk more about selling on the Amazon platform and preparing for the busy holiday season. If you have ever experienced the HOLIDAY RUSH on Amazon you know what I mean.
  • will also be there. They recently announced the new appointment of Doug Minnick and their expanded focus on growing Auctions.
  • OneNow is a new venture that went public today.  They have a very simple way to help sellers sell their goods to Asian countries without the mess.
  • We have a new tool provider WinBuyer that looks very interesting. They provide competitive market information across the net for items to keep sellers informed on the competition. They also help buyers know they are getting the best deal on a seller's website. 
  • Vendio will be there to share some new initiatives they are rolling out as well.
  • There will be a session on email marketing with emailDirect an email marketing company there to help members build or improve their email marketing campaigns.
Click here to register for this free 1-day seminar.

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ms.pat said...

Vendio called me a couple of nights ago (I had a Vendio account). Wanted to know if I'd be interested in renting a store from them...15.00 a month. I guess that's what they might talk about.

Doug Minnick is one of a line of new people who have come and gone at Overstock - they keep saying they want to beef up auctions but nothing so far. Their arts category has less than 50 paintings - as opposed to 50,000 or so on ebay. I had high hopes when overstock opened up auctions years ago - but they never went anywhere. I can't understand why they couldn't add one line to all those Overstock TV ads they used to run "and come try our auctions too". Or words to that effect. I'm rambling here but they could have really taken off back then.

Anonymous said...

I heard Doug being interviewed on recently and I was not impressed. There was no substance at all just general fluff like "we are here for sellers", "we want sellers on our upgraded platform" and not much else. I really expected more details from .com company that has many years of experience. When the question was posed "Will we be able to view completed listings in auctions" and Doug didn't know why that would be relevant I thought I was going to fall off my chair (ok I was not on chair but you know what I mean!). Someone in his position should have understood importance of completed listings and should be expected in know ebay and auctions and inside and out!! I was sadly disapointed with the interview. Kelly