Monday, September 29, 2008

eBay's Q4 Marketing Plan!

I honestly hate sitting through the eBay Town Hall meetings, but John over at ColderICE seems to enjoy it, so I'm taking the lazy man's approach to this and posting a link to his post.
John, posted an audio segment on his TwitWall (don't ask) about eBay's marketing plans for the 4th quarter.  It looks like they are committed to Internet advertising through Google; et al, coupons and PR -- I'm just overwhelmed by that plan.
Here is the link. Give her a listen and then give me your 15% in the comments section.

It looks like they have already begun the adwords campaign.

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

Okay - well....I listened. Was I impressed? I presently have 15 items listed 1 in auction and 14 in FP30. Among ALL 15 I have had only 1 view today! No sales in a week. I have "raised" standing and a perfect feedback and DSR record. How long does Ebay think I'm going to keep feeding them for this kind of a return? All 15 are now also list on free sites - no longer can I keep my items on exclusively on Ebay alone. I feel as a small seller I'm being manipulated and smothered...although they find my fee money acceptable - as a seller, they don't seem to find ME acceptable! Ebay is either going to have to do some work with its wacky search or soon lose ALL small sellers and with them goes all the vintage and unique items and collectibels they say they need! They've lost their name brand as far as my business is concerned. That's my 15 percent!

BMX said...

blah blah blah.

ebay is nothing without google.

If i were goog I'd raise their fees.

nadine said...

What is this claim of "ads all over the Internet"? Have you seen any? I haven't. Nor have I seen or heard anything on TV.

National Geographic put on a TV program called "The Neanderthal Code" and if I saw one ad for it, I must have seen 100 - Internet, TV, over and over. But eBay, nothing. Nada.

And why do their people destroy what little credibility they have left by saying such ridiculous lines as "we always put our sellers first"? Just how stupid do they think we are?

Lisa Suttora said...

Ever since our members started reporting a loss of visibility in Google search results (around Sept 16th) I've been checking random product listings every day.

It used to be that the first several listings on Google(in natural search) for any given product were all eBay search results.

They are virtually gone now. We're seeing people's Google traffic to their eBay store drop from 70% to 10% overall.

Tonight, I went through some of the products that eBay has featured in the home page and only found a few related eBay sponsored ads on Google.

Even the shopping results that Google displays with multiple shopping sites are frequently not including eBay products.

Even Bonanzle is getting more air time!

It's very odd - at first I thought it might be some sort of re-indexing issue due the 9/16 search changes - but it shouldn't be taking this long.

Something is going on... I've never seen anything like this. Even when eBay & Google were fighting in Boston at eBay Live '07 - there was not a significant drop in search visibility for eBay listings.

I'm having to dig to page 3 to find some eBay listings.

Google is like the Bermuda triangle for eBay listings these days.

What's your sense on this Randy?

Scott Pooler said...


I hate to admit it but it seems there is something deeper going on here. As Lisa Suttora pointed out the eBay placement on Google has suffered a serious blow.
The part I hate to admit is that whatever this deflation in search standings is... seems to have transferred out to those of us who even write about eBay.
I write two blogs specifically about eBay as you know. One self hosted wordpress blog called
and of course the Trading Assistant Journal which is a blog.
Both of these blogs have enjoyed a great deal of success in the past with lots of quality traffic from Google. Neither has any tricks behind them to attract traffic and I have never placed any ads for either with Google. All traffic has been derived through quality content generation methods.

When the new Google Page Rank evaluations were just released, both of these blogs took a serious hit in Page Rank.

Nothing else has changed, there are no new ads on these blogs, no black hat stuff, no manipulation of search, NADA - just clean content.

I realize these page rank fluctuations happen from time to time, and I would not really be worried about it normally, IF it did not happen on the same day, to two different blogs, dedicated to and writing about eBay.

Whats your 15% on that?

Anonymous said...

I was impressed with the point that was made that the "sellers come first."

Until then I felt unwanted.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Google Auctions are probably, just around the corner!

Randy Smythe said...

Hey All,

Something is certainly up with the Google/eBay relationship, but I just don't have a good feel for what it is.

eBay is spending money with Google again, but natural search is still a mess for eBay items.

Glitch or Google Block, who knows. Stay tuned for more drama and intrigue.

As for no TV or Radio during this Christmas: eBay must not feel confident that they have turned the "Buyer Experience" corner so they aren't spending any money to tell consumers this is a "New" eBay.

tekgems said...

Take for example eBay Anchor Stores. eBay Stores is PageRank 7. It used to be you could browse to Anchor Stores and they would have PageRank 6. PR6 is enough to dominate on keywords that are not very competitive. Whooops, eBay decides to change their menu navigation which completely killed the PageRank. Big drop from PR6 to PR3. Now, many of those listings will get zero visibility on Google.

SEO is like the legal department. They really need to be consulted before any changes so that a disastrous result such as this does not occur. And eBay wonders why their organic search traffic has dropped.

Patty in NJ said...

Another nail in the ebay coffin? Has Google also realized that ebay's offerings are no longer the cream of the crop and they've adjusted their algorithm to compensate for it? Ebay better start woo-ing EVERYONE fast. First they turned off the sellers, then the buyers and now Google. It seems Ebay has become a dirty 4 letter word, and no one wants to touch it with a 10 foot pole. I wonder what Pierre O is thinking now-a-days?

Anonymous said...

Does this apply to all eBay categories and to all sellers equally?

Lisa Suttora said...

Just saw that you're in Seattle for the day. Next time you're up here, let me know - I'll buy you coffee. (Not Starbucks though.) :-)


Randy Smythe said...

Lisa, next time I'm up here I'll let you know and make a longer trip of it.

This was a fly in-and-out same day trip, but very valuable.

blackhat seo said...

Out with the old. Quit this feebay garbage

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chair covers said...

I made a lot of money on ebay. But now it is a ghost town.

Melissa Ross said...

Ebay still has a lot to offer to the public. It might be past its peak, or have lowered in standards the past few years, but they still over the same services they had years ago.

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StanleyMarcusMalone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEO Reseller said...

"There was not a significant drop in search visibility for eBay listings." There are times when Google do stuff that asserts its dominance, and we've seen it through the years.

los angeles web design said...

Perhaps why Google did was swept duplicate domains under the rug. If people wanted to look for things in Ebay, they could visit the website.

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