Tuesday, September 23, 2008

eBay Recognizes Top Seller - Finally!

Congratulations Jack Sheng of eForcity on reaching the 1 million Feedback rating on eBay.

Back in the day, when an eBay seller reached the 100K Feedback milestone, they would receive a call from the President of eBay Marketplaces. When Glacier Bay reached 100K, I received a call from Jeff Jordan; a simple gesture that meant a great deal to me.
In 2005, when Glacier Bay passed JayandMarie for the top Feedback on eBay, I once again expected a call. Jay and Marie personally reached out and congratulated me, but nothing came from eBay. Many of the sellers I've spoken with, over the past couple of years, mentioned they have never received a call.

Well, it is good to see that has changed, though it took 1 million feedback to do it, two of Jack Sheng's eBay IDs have reached 1 million in Feedback and a 3rd is soon to pass the same milestone.

Jack should be commended for this accomplishment and certainly deserves a call from Lorrie Norrington.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jack Sheng, very impressive.

Since your post is about the eBay page I thought I'd point out that the link to "More Seller Profiles" is dead and the links in the article go to Jack's off-eBay sites. Priceless.

Marianne Dow said...

And his off-ebay sites all take Google Checkout, not paypal.

ms.pat said...

Congratulations to Jack and anyone who can make high feedback on Ebay these days.

Its funny...I have another ID that is relatively new and when it reached 100 feedbacks I got a message from ebay congratulating me and a certificate - that I had to print out myself! Now that's automation! I wonder how Ebay thinks they are doing with THEIR customers....the sellers! There is no classification or DSR low enough to rate them!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, eforcity strategy, was BIN at one cent, yes, one cent with shipping costs between 5.95 and 9.95 in all their products. At that time they were getting around 50k feedbacks per month.
When the DSR crap started, their feedback dropped to 20k per month and they start to offer free shipping (great business for eBay and Marketworks who charges 2 percent of the final value without shipping)
Also, when neutrals were negatives, his score dropped around 95%.
The eforcity strategy is very simple, since they get a lot of feedback daily, a negative stays on the 1st page just a few minutes, if you buy stuff from them, you'll never get any customer support, you can leave a negative if you want to, you can start a paypal claim and they will never respond to the claim, yes, you will get your money back, however that's not remarkable customer support.

jake said...

NOT getting a call from Lorrie Norrington is more incentive.

Who needs to hear the PR spin on their telephone?

Maybe a special certificate of merit would be better. Like the ones given to grade school children. Or some useless piece of junk with eBay's name on it, like a coffee mug, a magnet, or a bumper sticker. Exactly the kind of thank you one might expect from eBay.

tekgems said...

Congrats to Jack. I'm jealous! :)

eBay schwag is the best, although I'm ashamed to wear any of their t-shirts. Its not exactly sexy to let people know you sell on eBay!

nadine said...

Many of the sellers I've spoken with, over the past couple of years, mentioned they have never received a call.

Ebay regards its customers as necessary enemies. You don't like people whom you know you have been mistreating. That's human nature.

It makes sense that the loss of those simple touches, like phone calls to your best customers, stopped around 2004. That's when ebay stopped trying to please its customers and starting trying to control them.

Anonymous said...

He was the first big DVD seller on ebay to gouge for shipping ($6.95 by media mail per DVD, with NO combined shipping discount)-and put the item price WAY below anybody's best cost. Heck, even moviemars, at the time, was charging $4.99 for shipping.

Jack also pioneered the "VERY high volume, saturation-listing, which outweighs all negative feedback received, so to hell with any customer service for buyers at all ebay business model".

Yes, congrats to him for that. His business practices are what led to the current state of ebay and the need for DSRs, finding 2.0, etc/all, and the terrible public image ebay has as a marketplace for ripoffs...

ms.pat said...

If ebay does call you....do they call collect?

Anonymous said...

Any idea when the new diamond sellers are coming on board and who they might be?

Ebay's listings are over 17 mil. Would this just be from FP30?

David said...

Parrothead88 or John Hannon was the first guy to get a 10,000 feedback shooting star. According to a book on the history of eBay, he woke up early one morning to a phone call from Meg Whitman congratulating him on 10,000 feedbacks. He got three or four other phone calls that day from Various eBay executives congratulating him.

It was during the evening when I hit 10,000 but I actually expected to get a call from my TSAM congratulating me the next day. Never happened.

My parents threated me to Capitol Grill though. I was at 9,999 before I left for the restaurant, it was exciting because I was at 10,002 when I got back!

Inflatable Madness said...

Bill Cobb called me when we hit 100,000 - I remember being very honored to get the call and talk to him.

Now, the only calls I get from eBay are from Trust&Safety, or maybe from my TSAM to tell me that one of our accounts has violated some policy (even though the item is in eBay's MUZE database).

I'd rather have Bill call me, thank you very much!

I kind of miss looking at my feedback number and feeling proud of it.


Randy Smythe said...


Some of the big Diamond sellers are already on the site but have not listed many items just yet. Many of them are not using their traditional brand names.

More are coming in the next several weeks. As of right now I can't confirm any names.

John Paul said...

Wow!!! That is insane over a million feedback. I just find it a little bizarre that eBay is treating this guy like royalty when he has more negative feedback for the year than probably 99.9% users have total feedback. I wonder how many of those negative feedbacks were from first time eBay buyers who had a bad first eBay experience and will never buy again. And with the negative numbers that came out lately eBay can not afford to lose more users.

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