Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bonanzle Keeps Growing!

As eBay continues to struggle and small sellers search to find a home for their product, Bonanzle seems to getting some traction and growing nicely.
Some Recent Stats:
  • Nearly 3,000 users (on Sept 19th they had 1700)
  • 122,000 listings (on Sept 19th they had 58,000)
  • Alexa Ranking is 225,199 an improvement from 344,257 on Sept 19th.
  • They are averaging 3,000 unique visitors a day and 4,000 visits with 40,000 page views on a daily basis.
  • Most importantly, GMV (General Merchandise Value) is growing daily
According to Bonanzle:
Bonanzle sellers, eager to escape eBay’s moves against smaller stores, have collectively rolled up their sleeves to help build Bonanzle as their new home.  Bonanzle Forums are regularly filled with sellers collaborating on grassroots marketing ideas, including one recent thread that had more than 50 sellers volunteering their personal time and resources to promote Bonanzle.  As Bonanzle seller cleosgreatdeals puts it, “The unique item market is what Pierre had in mind for eBay and it worked for many years. When it stopped working for us it was time to move into a new marketplace and learn about promoting.”  
I would recommend checking out Bonanzle if you are a small sellers looking for a new home.

Just my 15%


Anonymous said...

I just became a new seller on this site. I've tried every new auction site on the Internet in the past 5 years and so far this one is clearly the best! I couldn't believe how easy it was to list items and nice aesthetically nice the site looks!
Way to go Bonanzle! Finally a great alternative to ebay and we all have been waiting for.

ms.pat said...

Randy - thanks so much for this article. Us small fry need all the help we can get. There are so many small Ebay sellers wandering around and not knowing where to set up shop - Bonanzle is about as close to classic Ebay as one can get - without the arrogant management :-)

Anonymous said...

I have the account set up there and have listed a few things. Explain why I should commit my troops to Bonanzle when eCrater, Blujay and several others have been around for several years?

Hey, Bonanzle looks and performs great. This is like musical venues. Show me the sales. Somewhere.

'Sup with Amazon? My books sales have dried up.

Can I get some bailout money?

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, it is really finding a venue for your type of product. eCrater doesn't really have a sense of community, so if you want thsat type of venue for your bsuiness, it isn't ideal. Bonanazle is growing and sales are growing but it is still early.

eCrater is a no-frills free platform and really doesn't have an identity. Bonanzle does, IMO.

As for Amazon sales, I'm not sure what you are seeing. My sales are going very and other media sellers I've talked to are seeing similar things.

How long have sales on Amazon been slow for you?

Cliff Aliperti said...

Looks like Bonanzle is going to hit that 3,000th user by the time you wake up today.

They're sitting at 2,998 just after midnight PST.

The positive PR is amazing (and deserved). It's gone from the site you'd never heard of to the darling you can't avoid mention of. Pretty cool!

Rory O'Connor said...

3,050 registered users as of this time. I just imported my listings into bonanzle, and I'm ready to rock and roll. I love the look at feel of the site. I even ahd to contact their support, and they were so helpful. After having to deal with ebay's customer support and their canned answers, its amazing. I just started telling my customers about bonanzle, and I've had 3 of them register thus far today. Let's give them all the help they can get, and hope this is the next rising star.

Anonymous said...

This is what the founder of Bonanzle said about the site; "It's a more natural social interaction; if you search for an item you like, you can make friends with the seller.”
I'm having more fun buying and selling on Bonanzle than I've had in the years I spent selling on eBay. I've made a few sales and bought some unique items. The community is small but the organic growth is like the "Little Engine That Could." If you're a seller and feel lost, come on over to Bonanzle, it's a fun place to buy and sell! :)


Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Ebay - they are a thing of the past. Bonanzle has everything a seller could want - see all of the above. I
heart" Bonanzle!

Cabin Fever said...

As of Oct 27, 2008 there are 6388 users and 245,535 listings. I am personally making sales for the first time this summer.

Its no flash in the pan!

attheboutique said...

I have tried numerous other sites including blujay, ioffer, ecrater, webidz, loudfrog, etc.
Bonanzle has produced for me two things the others did not. First, Sales! Joined around the middle of august, as with any new site it was a progression, but am now consistently selling on a daily basis.
Second, refreshing atmosphere! No looking over my shoulder for "big brother" and the ability to post questions or help in a forum without getting the "smack down". You will not find a more helpful friendly community in a selling venue.
But don't take my word for it either, google Bonanzle in the news, see what is being said, then visit and see what you think.

blarney_stone said...

I carry almost 900 listings at this time on Bonanzle. I have been a Bonanzle Member for 6 weeks, and have seen this site more than triple in size. The people are sooo friendly, and accessible that I can't believe it! I am so glad to have made the move from eBay, and know that this site is becoming the most exciting place to be for e-commerce secondary market buying and selling.

Sandy said...

I joined Bonanzle in late August when there were 1,117 users. There are now over 6,300 users and over 230,000 listings. Because of the free listings till sold and low final value fees, booth owners can offer the same quality items at much lower prices. This, combined with more payment options, Google search, fast answers from support, live chat and friendly forums makes Bonanzle the freshest venue on the internet!

StarvingPackrats said...

It's no wonder why Bonanzle is doing so well! It's simple to use, fun, exciting with it's integrated chat-in-your-shop feature, and best of all, dirt-cheap fees guaranteed to stay that way til at least the end of 2010. It's a great place for collectible sellers and buyers. I definitely believe it's a user-driven site where the people who run it are listening and improving the experience on a daily basis! It takes a minute to sign up & everybody gets a free shop (booth) so what are you waiting for?????

graphicsbymoondog said...

Like many others, my husband & I have been searching for a venue that works with small sellers and not against us. There are many good sites out there, but nothing exceptional - until Bonanzle. (imo) The ease of use, absolute minimal fees, and the ability to be right there and answer questions is what puts this venue above the others. And buying there is just a blast! But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourselves!

Oshun Spirit said...

A powerseller on ebay, with an established independent website where I do most of my online business, I am astonished to say that this week my Bonanzle booth had more unique visitors and page views than either established venue. And yesterday, after only two months, I had more sales on Binanzle as well!

Fashionrunway said...

BONANZLE ROCKS! I have sold at 6 or 7 venues online and I have to say that this is the easiest place to set up a store (booth) and the support here is lightning fast. I love the forums because there are always nice people hanging around to give input, advice, help, or a laugh. No stress here. Nobody is going to slap your wrist or continually make changes that are not in your best interest (like they do at other sites). OH, did I mention there is live chat with the sellers and buyers in the booths? Awesome! Try it'll LOVE it!

SKay said...

BONANZLE is a venue to start a very nice booth. Easy to upload your items into your booth.Very nice group pf sellers, very nice peopleeveryone willing to help a newbie. Get in on the ground floor of something special.
Sandra Kay

Anonymous said...

Bonanzle is so easy to operate, anyone who wants to test the waters of starting their own business should begin here.

Action Healthy Life said...

I think what I love most about Bonanzle is the transparency between buyer & seller and the discussion boards -they have so much positive energy.

It's so easy just to try it out and set up a booth-- It's free!

Anonymous said...

Bonanzle is an exciting place to be. Management is friendly and answers questions quickly. The fellow sellers are friendly and the general site atmosphere is upbeat and positive. Bonanzle is growing by leaps and bounds. Check it out!

nightgirl said...

I am having FUN selling at Bonanzle! I have had many sales there and Bonanzle is getting better each day!
Go Bonanzle!
Come visit my Bonanzle Booth anytime!


Luzianalade said...

INCREDIBLE growth! Should reach 3000 users tonite and 300,000 listings! An exciting place to be. Easy listing, friendly members, great support, FREE listings, and fantastic motivation!..Oh, did I mention sales are happening!!! You'll love it, give it a try..

frencheese said...

It is now November 21st 2008 and Bonanzle is at 9,500 members and growing and Alexa rank is ~67,000!

Anonymous said...

I just joined yesterday and I have to say this site makes FEEBAY look like an ANCIENT DINOSAUR already!!!
My frustration has immediatey been transformed into excitement!
I can't wait to get off the ground running! With all of the riga-marole that has slowed me down to a meltdown with the E-Bay DEATHSTAR...
It's so refreshing to feel the ease of Bonanzle already, and I am just getting started! I can't wait to see my business grow!!

Anonymous said...

I just joined yesterday and I have to say this site makes FEEBAY look like an ANCIENT DINOSAUR already!!!
My frustration has immediatey been transformed into excitement!
I can't wait to get off the ground running! With all of the riga-marole that has slowed me down to a meltdown with the E-Bay DEATHSTAR...
It's so refreshing to feel the ease of Bonanzle already, and I am just getting started! I can't wait to see my business grow!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Found the link on Google.
Well it's been a few months and man have they grown! Currently over 12K members and almost 500,000listings.
What I liked the best is the guys running the show have a GREAT sense of humor. It's so refreshing and none of that walking on eggshells you feel on ebay.

Linda said...

Great place to buy and sell. There are now almost 14000 members. Give it a try.Free to list and very small final value fees. And free of course to buy. Check my booth and find many great bargains.

This blog is great A-ONE!

irishonebac said...

Gave up on that other site for a number of reasons. Signed up on Bonanzle in the middle of December to move on. And what a great move it was. Not only have I had sales, but it's delightful to deal with people again...people who are nice, willing to make a deal and are reasonable. The guys who run it actually listen to suggestions from sellers! Highly recommend.

SusanM11556 said...

I have been a book seller on eBay for the past 5 years. I have done well over the years building a repeat customer base and welcoming new customers every day. I still have my eBay site. I have also imported all of my listing to a new site

Bonanzle is free to list and free to have up to 4 photos. The guys who run the show there are very good at what they do. They will personally answer you and even ask your opinion in the forums. You can chat live with a person who is browsing your items and interact with other sellers.

I guess after researching the many alternatives, I have found this to be the best. The display when you first log in to Bonanzle is professional. It is a clean, refreshing, easy to use site with "booths" for the sellers who offer what ever payment type they choose. Yes, it is a breath of fresh air!

The beauty of it is that the seller can be linked to Google Base where your items will eventually appear at the top of the pages when your item is searched. And this is free! There are FVF's, but minimal compared to eBay.

The site is growing leaps and bounds everyday. Of course, it doesn't have the notoriety that eBay does, YET. If you, as a seller, want a great alternative and grow with this site, it can't hurt at all to list your items parallel to what you currently have listed on eBay and eventually get out from under the grips of a "sinking ship".

So, come on over and check it out. You will find many eBay refugees, in fact most of the sellers are. Many former PowerSellers that are making the transition, one of them is me.

Suzy said...

I left eBay, opened a booth on Bonanzle and never looked back! Bonanzle is a warm and friendly community of buyers and sellers working together to create a great place to shop and interact with others. I love the clean interface and user friendly features and the support team can't be beat. If you are looking for an ebay alternative, look no more. You'll find your new home at Bonanzle! We are nearing 20,000 members now!


TS STONE.COM said...

At least!! Very good site
bonanzle is very nice. You can try they give you $100 credit for new sign ups.

see ya

ECBeauty said...

10,000 new members from Jan 6 to Feb 7

total members 28,000

Bonanzle - is the one

here Randy my new Bonanzle Lens - I think you'll like it

jlafleur009 said...

bonanzle is the complete opposite of ebay, everything on bonanzle is very easy to understand and while it may not have ebays buyers or listings it is certainly growing pretty fast. i for one am glad i found this site and maybe down the line ebay and the morons who run it will be a memory in my business.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found Bonanzle.I believe this will be the biggest market place within a short time.I tried many other and they all dont work for me.Here is my booth a bonanzle.

Steve said...

Friday Febuary 20 2009

10.06am Bonanzle reached another land mark in it's growth. 32,000 members.


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