Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are Rank-and-File Employees Smarter Than Their Bosses?

Interesting article from the Motley Fool. Here's my favorite quote.
"It's a neat approach, but the more startling implication is that executives aren't any smarter -- in fact, probably less smart, in a "street smarts" sense -- than their underlings. This naturally may lead shareholders to wonder why they're paying their executives so well, and padding their contracts with chunky stock options as retention tools, when the average Joes and Janes have more clarity than the MBA-bearing pros."

Just my 15%


Henrietta said...

And stockholders can wonder until they turn blue in the face. They are powerless, and unless they have already sold their shares they are probably in the red ink on the deal.

eBay executives don't need dividends, they have stock options, inflated remuneration and seats on the board, plus 24k parachutes if the unthinkable happens and the world should see the emperor has no clothes.


concertposters.biz said...

Speaking only for myself, It has been slow going because of the need to revise my listings. Plus the cost is really deceptive. For instance, the cost of International Visibility on a FP30 listing is outrageous compared to the listing fee. (example -FP30 listing fee = 15 cents, but the International visibility fee is 25 cents per item) Since a third of my sales are International, FP30 is not all it's cracked up to be, for me anyway. Add in the bump in FVF and I will actually be paying more in fees per item. -- I will be trying it out though.

Whitlow Unique Collectibles said...

I think if Employers are allowed to evaluate Employees .
It should be good at some time to evauluate them. To see if they are pulling there weight and doing their Job