Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Terapeak to Take Over for eBay Marketplace Research!

Just a quick bit of info while on the road.

Victoria, BC (Aug. 18, 2008) – Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider, today announced that Marketplace Research by Terapeak is being offered as an alternative for eBay Marketplace Research, which eBay plans to retire as of September 15th, 2008. Available to all existing eBay Marketplace Research subscribers, and to all eBay users going forward, the tool will be accessible from the eBay website, and Terapeak will provide dedicated customer support.

Fred Speckeen, CEO of Terapeak/AERS, says, “The transfer of research responsibilities to Terapeak reflects our longstanding business relationship with eBay, and our company’s commitment to providing the best market research product possible. Although most eBay sellers know us for our Terapeak product, AERS was the first licensee of eBay data, and also provides e-commerce analytics based on eBay data to the larger Fortune 1000 community. We are proud and excited to be invited to offer Terapeak as an alternative to eBay Marketplace Research.”

“Millions of eBay transactions are analyzed and processed by AERS systems each day,” says AERS CTO Andrew Sukow. “We continue to improve our processes, our systems and the Terapeak product in order to help eBay sellers maximize their profit potential.” Marketplace Research by Terapeak will provide important and useful research for eBay sellers based on completed eBay listings. Terapeak plans to extend the range of reports and features that were available via the eBay tool. These new features include a greater data history, including up to two years of category trends, seller-specific searches, and dedicated customer support.

"We are pleased to join with Terapeak to offer our customers an alternative service for eBay Marketplace Research," said Laura Della Torre, Senior Manager, Seller Platform at eBay. "We have been working with Terapeak as a Certified Provider for several years and believe they are well suited to provide a research product that meets the needs of our customers."

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Anonymous said...

I am a paying subscriber to Terapeak. Am I paying for something I can get for free through eBay?

Randy Smythe said...

I believe Marketplace Research was a paid subscription for eBay so it should be similar.

I'll check into that and update the post.


Anonymous said...

eBay Marketplace Research is/was also a subscription-based product. Terapeak has a few more features and better functionality though. Anonymous - you're in the clear by keeping your Terapeak sub. For all eBay Marketplace Research subscribers, have fun! Terapeak is great.

Anonymous said...

But can I get it cheaper through ebay? I thought ebay charged 9.99 verses 24.99.